Coronavirus Response Breeds Hope for the 2020 Fire Season

fire season

Few, if any businesses had a plan to navigate through a pandemic. What we at CD & Power discovered is the infinite capacity of our workforce to adapt to the profound changes Coronavirus forced upon us. Many of our customers expressed similar feelings about their own operations. We had to learn quickly how to work from our homes and, though separated, work together.

CD & Power Meets as a Team Online

We don’t prefer meeting online as a team, but the forced distance is inspiring us to find new ways to look out for our customers, each other, and our neighbors. We are better for it. This generation-defining experience gives us ample reason to hope.

Technology fueled the flow of communication. We met with challenges, but managed to keep answering the phones, responding to customers, and dispatching our technicians to customer sites. In fact, we conducted nearly as many service calls in April as any month in our history.

But the year is not over. A rugged terrain of summer heat, fires and power failures lies just ahead. Fire departments are gearing up and predictions are that the fire season danger will stretch into November once again.

Get Ready Now for Blackouts

We should expect Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) from PG&E to launch in June. You experienced the disruption wrought by blackouts last year. Power failures infect communication, computers, ATMs, and other critical operations. Having some employees working from home adds complications but, over the past three months, your workforce has become more agile. If you have already prepared and put a fire and PSPS season plan into action, good for you. If you do not have a plan, we can help you figure out the backup power chapter. Check out how to prepare for PG&E Planned Outages.

Stay current with the planned outages schedule. PG&E is making a concerted effort to give us all ample warning and to keep the outages as brief as possible. Make sure PG&E has your up-to-date contact information so that you are notified.

Backup Power for Blackouts

Take care of your standby generator. There is a good chance that preventative maintenance was sidelined while Coronavirus procedures were implemented. Your generator needs to be serviced regularly and run periodically, including load bank testing.

Though most of your employees may be working from home, backup power at your main facility will still be critical. Your staff will need to connect to centralized systems or to people manning stations at your headquarters.

We like to think CD & Power has written the book on generators. Spend some time with the resources page on our website.

If you cannot find an answer there to your generator concerns, give us a call at 866-468-7697.

Coronavirus Will Not Take a Back Seat

You led the challenge of Covid-19 and so far, your company has prevailed. The fire season presents new challenges but, considering what you have been through since March, there is good reason to hope.

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