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Powered by Integrity since opening our doors in 1985.
CD & Power is a certified Woman-Owned Business, with License #757162, A, C-10.

CD Power family

Who are we? It’s not complicated…we are people just like YOU.  We use power and rely on power every single day!

CD & Power was established in 1985 by Chuck Uischner, [who is best known as “The Big Tall Bald Guy”]. Chuck would fix all kinds of industrial engines and equipment during the day, and then do books at night. Back in those days, the generator and engine parts department consisted of a small desk and a shelf. Chuck expanded his generator and engine repair business by taking chances, and surrounding himself with motivated people.

CD & Power is Northern California’s largest independent generator service provider. Our insights and recommendations come from 35+ years of selling, installing, servicing, repairing, and maintaining generators for industrial clients across the region. We also have an extensive generator fleet consisting of over 200 towable units, ranging from 10 kW to 1 MW, available to rent. From our locations in the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento, our talented team is prepared to assist with every aspect of your backup power needs.

Our mission statement is also our way of life at CD & Power: we wish to power your success through innovation, education, and inspiration. CD & Power can also promise you a powerful and uniquely-different service experience. During business hours, a human will always answer the phone. We will remember that your issues are our responsibility. We will always be available by telephone 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can reach us when you experience an emergency. And finally, we have committed to continuously educating our workers throughout their careers with professional workforce development training. If you give us a chance, we know you will love our service.

CD & Power’s Commitment is not only to our loyal Customers, but our new ones as well!

Give us the opportunity! You will enjoy a powerfully different service experience. Here are a couple reasons why:

  1. We will always have a person answer the phones during office hours. We believe it is impossible for a machine to understand your problem.
  2. We will remember that your problems are our business.
  3. We will be diligent in resolving your problem.
  4. We will take responsibility for our actions.
  5. We will continually train our personnel.
  6. We are always just a phone call away — Anytime, 24 hours a day.

CD & Power has a large inventory of Parts for both diesel and gas powered equipment.

We sell new and used generators and engines.

CD & Power Sells, Rents, Repairs, and Performs Maintenance on a variety of name-brand diesel & gas generators and engines.

More About Us

Chuck “The Big Bald Guy” Uischner

Founder of CD & Power

Chuck Walter Uischner

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bay area top workplaces

For 8 years in a row, and counting, we have been honored to be named one of the top places to work among small businesses in the Bay Area. As our President, Jill Collaro told the Bay Area News Group, who publishes the list, “[w]e know our job is never done when it comes to investing in our people. We’re honored to have won this recognition… as it motivates us to keep stepping up our game.”

Indeed – our employees keep stepping up their games, so we have to as well!

For more detail about our recognition (AND the special recognition Jill received in 2019), check out this blog post.

Updated Bob with Frame

HUG IT OUT Bracelet

Keep these wearable reminders of what’s important in life close at hand, close at heart.

Hug-It-Out” came from our dear friend Bob Ojala. He passed away suddenly from heart disease at the young age of 49. Bob was a giant of a man both in stature and heart. He became friends with anyone he met, and left a very good impression. Bob was fun loving and loud, but in the best of ways. He was a man who had a gift, and could connect with anyone. He was great at reaching out and touching people every day.

Bob’s presence could literally cause a positive ripple effect on a group of people in a room. Everything was “The Best!” He would say, “This is the Best Day ever! That was the Best Sandwich, or piece of pie I ever had, or it was the Best game I ever saw!” And he absolutely meant it every time!

He was a man with integrity and always believed in the goodness of humanity. His way of saying hello was to pick you up and hug you. If he felt you were down he would ask “Do you need a hug?” or if there was conflict of any kind he believed you could just, “Hug-It-Out!”

So, our legacy to Bob Ojala is to continue the”Hug-It-Out” phrase, and anytime you wear it, or use it…you are reminded that you are promoting a good way of life with a positive connection. Here’s to you brother Bob, you were simply The BEST!

Bobby loved to help people. So we are offering this as a fund raising opportunity for your schools, teams, churches or events with a positive twist. You buy our Hug-It-Out products and sell them for a marked-up value and keep the profits for your organization. It’s that simple. Not only will you be raising money for your cause but you will also be helping to pay forward a great legacy.

About Our TBG University 

We don’t have dormitories, student unions, or a sports stadium, but we do have a rigorous curriculum and the skilled, motivated students you’d expect to find on any college campus. In the world of generator knowledge, our training programs are so thorough we decided to give them a proper name – TGB University!

We named our internal training programs at CD & Power “Tall Bald Guy University” as a tribute to our founder, Chuck Uischner, a gifted diesel mechanic who launched the business in 1985.

Chuck was a big guy. Everything about him was big, even his big-hearted handshake. As old pros at CD & Power tell it, it would start with his right hand swooping down from on high to a warm and unforgettable handshake. Chuck surrounded himself with motivated people who wanted to grow with him. From the get-go, Chuck supported continuing education programs on the installation, maintenance, service, repair and safe operation of diesel engines and generators.

The Mission

Information lies at the core of what we offer customers, information formed over decades of learning, experiencing, problem-solving and mastering the operation of industrial generators and engines. It is manifest in the A-Team of men and women we field today. But, what about tomorrow? That question led us to our commitment to education and to the TBGU mission.

The TBGU mission is to stream into the work force, highly trained and tested men and women who will help protect CD & Power’s competitive edge in the twenty-first century and beyond.

The TBGU Curriculum

The TBGU curriculum grew out of the Generator Genius training program we established for our work force. The program spans four tracks of study including:

  • Generator
  • Truck
  • Administration

Generator Graduation Requirements

An overview of one track, the Generator Graduate Requirements, will give you some measure of the deep dive a four year program takes.

Freshman Year: Forklift, Towing, Electrical Safety, Loadbank Review, and engine certifications offered by companies such as Honda and Isuzu; as well as Industrial Generator certifications.

Sophomore Year: Instruction in Generator Hour Tracking, ATS Hours, Maintenance Procedures. Online certification programs offered by Cummins and Kohler are included.

Junior Year: intensive internal interface with Senior Tech staff as well as EGSA certification.

Senior Year: Advanced diagnostics of diesel engines including reviews of electrical, air and exhaust, fuel, emissions control and all the integral components that ensure safe and effective generator power.

Our graduates will continue to grow their skills as they meet real life problems under the leadership of our field supervisors. Similar levels of complexity mark the academic tracks pursued in the Truck, and Administration curricula.


Each CD & Power student who successfully completes the four-year program earns a special, all expenses paid vacation.

If you are a mechanic looking to work in the industrial generator field and a position opens up here, the opportunity to “matriculate” at TBGU could launch a rewarding career.

In addition, our “Generator Genius” program, consisting of videos encompassing the ABCs of industrial generator operation, maintenance and safety, is a powerful tool you can use. It’s free to all. Check it out here.



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