One Family. Three Generations. Power to Millions.

Delivering Remarkable service since opening our doors in 1985.
CD & Power is a certified Woman-Owned Business, with License #757162, A, C-10.

Chuck Uischner (best known as “The Big Tall Bald Guy”) established CD & Power in 1985. A gifted diesel mechanic, Chuck was a warm, hardworking leader who inspired others to use their talents to make a difference. He hired smart people, including his wife Jannett, and children, Jill and Don. With many of the most talented diesel mechanics on board, CD & Power soon grew to be the largest independent generator service company in Northern California.

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Chuck and Jannett have now passed, and son Don has retired. CD & Power remains in the capable hands of daughter Jill Collaro and many members of the team that joined while Chuck was at the helm.

Known for delivering remarkable service, the company remains the preeminent generator maintenance company in the region. Now boasting a rental fleet of over 200 units ranging from 10 KW to 1 MW, green options such as solar and hybrid units, repair services for industrial engines, and maintenance services for Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems, CD & Power and its people continue to live the mission that Chuck launched.

Our Commitment

CD & Power’s Commitment is not only to our loyal Customers, but our new ones as well! Give us the opportunity! You will enjoy a remarkable service experience. Here are a couple reasons why:

  1. We will always have a person answer the phones during office hours. We believe it is impossible for a machine to understand your problem.
  2. We will remember that your problems are our business.
  3. We will be diligent in resolving your problem.
  4. We will take responsibility for our actions.
  5. We will continually train our personnel.
  6. We are always just a phone call away — Anytime, 24 hours a day.

More About Us

Bay Area Top Workplace 2023

For 9 years in a row, and counting, we have been honored to be named one of the top places to work among small businesses in the Bay Area. As our President, Jill Collaro told the Bay Area News Group, who publishes the list, “[w]e know our job is never done when it comes to investing in our people. We’re honored to have won this recognition… as it motivates us to keep stepping up our game.”

Indeed – our employees keep stepping up their games, so we have to as well!

For more detail about our recognition (AND the special recognition Jill received in 2019), check out this blog post.


After holding a variety of jobs including paving foreman, Coca-Cola delivery driver, real estate developer, heavy equipment manager, and gold miner, Chuck Uischner relied on his expertise as a diesel mechanic to launch what was initially called California Diesel & Power in 1985. He was a dreamer and a believer in all that was good. He was an entrepreneur at heart and loved blazing his own trail. His wife, Jannett, supported him in all he set out to accomplish. He started CD & Power as a one-man band at the age of 45 and proclaimed that he would someday be the best generator business around.

Chuck’s wife Jannett, as well as children Jill (Collaro) and Don, helped build the operation along with him. The result has been a culture of enduring commitment to both customer and employee success. Along the way, CD & Power moved to its current location at 150 Nardi Lane in Martinez to accommodate its expansion, as well as opened a second location in Sacramento to better serve the growing customer base.


CD & Power Today

The vision of creating the best generator business around proved true with our 8+ years of earning a Top Workplace in the Bay Area award, along with our esteemed customer base. Chuck passed away in 2015 and Jannett in 2021. Don retired at the end of 2022, while Jill Collaro continues as the company President. The team has grown to over 50 employees based in two offices. Increasingly, the operation is led by departmental managers who “grew up” inside the business, understand its customers, and foster the award-winning culture.

“I am proud to take the lead with the robust staff behind me working to make this a remarkable business and service provider to many,” shares Jill.

To invest in this next generation of the business (and the next!) the company created a custom coaching program for new managers and the first California state approved apprenticeship program specific to the generator industry. This 4-year “Master Generator Technician” program was approved by the California Department of Industrial Relations in 2021.

Nurturing Culture

In addition to direct investments in our people, through training we provide or paying for their education and training through other sources, we invest in the success of our staff by nourishing a vibrant culture. Every year we develop a company-wide theme, reinforce it through team competitions and rewards, bring it to life in 9 or 10 all-hands meetings, and celebrate our accomplishments during a unique summer party. Every December, we launch the next year’s theme at another company-wide party (as you can see, we like to party).

Updated Bob with Frame

Hug-It-Out” came from our dear friend Bob Ojala. He passed away suddenly from heart disease at the young age of 49. Bob was a giant of a man both in stature and heart. He became friends with anyone he met, and left a very good impression. Bob was fun-loving and loud, but in the best of ways. He was a man who had a gift, and could connect with anyone. He was great at reaching out and touching people every day.

Bob’s presence could literally cause a positive ripple effect on a group of people in a room. Everything was “The Best!” He would say, “This is the Best day ever! That was the Best sandwich, or piece of pie I ever had, or it was the Best game I ever saw!” And he absolutely meant it every time!

He was a man with integrity and always believed in the goodness of humanity. His way of saying hello was to pick you up and hug you. If he felt you were down he would ask “Do you need a hug?” or if there was conflict of any kind he believed you could just, “Hug-It-Out!”

So, our legacy to Bob Ojala is to retain his presence at CD & Power in multiple ways. Our conference room is named the “Ripple Room” in honor of him and in recognition that what we learn there can ripple out in a positive way through our team and customers. Additionally, we end every company meeting with a “1, 2, 3 RIPPLE!!” cheer to remind us all to go out and make a difference.



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