Is the Responsibility of Backup Power in Your Hands?

Remote Generator Monitoring

Then You Want CD & Power’s RemoteGP at Your Fingertips.

RemoteGP™ helps you stay informed.

RemoteGP is a web-based, wireless technology that provides up-to-date, generator performance. Every generator installed with a RemoteGP device reports up-to-date information no matter where it is located. At your desk or anywhere else using a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone, RemoteGP gathers generator status and health details you formerly could only get by looking at the control panel. No calling one of your remote locations hoping to convince someone to go outside to figure out the status of your backup power system. No waiting for updates. No driving for hours between generator locations.

RemoteGP will beef up your disaster preparedness plan.

We are all aware of the dangers weather brings down on Northern California this time of year. RemoteGP arms you with vital data such as battery level and tampering, and fuel levels for each generator equipped with the technology. Instant diagnostics on the health of each installation can help set in place an early-warning defense against power failures.

RemoteGP produces compliance reports instantly.

When CA state regulators pop in for a surprise inspection, the backup power compliance reports they demand are a snap to produce. A tap of the mouse on your computer will bring up Air Quality Reports for the past twelve months.

RemoteGP compiles accurate generator logs.

The system updates data online, virtually eliminating the gaps manual log books leave. Not only does it keep track of run time, it distinguishes between generator test runs and generator operation in an actual power outage.

Partial list of information you can keep an eye on with RemoteGP.

  • ­­Location (handy for portable generators!)
  • Engine run hours
  • Battery level and tampering
  • Status (is the generator running or not)
  • Exercise tracking
  • Fuel Level
  • Loss and restoration of utility power

The system can be configured to send fault notifications via email or text so you’ll never be caught by surprise without backup power.

One of the reasons we have grown into the largest independent generator service company in Northern California is that we have always sought out the best technologies and training. If something would allow us to help our customers more completely or faster, we would dive in to learn about it then adopt it as quickly as possible. RemoteGP is one of those game-changing technologies that we’re already seeing help our customers save time and money while increasing their awareness of backup power system health.

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