What’s in a Complete Backup Power Plan

backup power plan

Power failure in Northern California has become a way of life. It seems every week is like a fifteen round heavyweight boxing match of blows to the power grid from:

  • Winds jabbing through the waves of a weather pattern,
  • the ever-expanding forest fire season,
  • the battering of hot weather,
  • or breakdowns in the system’s weakened links.

The promise from your Utility company, “we’re working on it. Power should be restored by 11:28AM tomorrow,” is just not enough. In the moment power crashes you cannot afford to wait.

“A champion doesn’t become a champion in the ring, he’s merely recognized in the ring. His “becoming” happens during his daily routine.” (Joe Louis)

It’s all about being prepared. We are in your corner. Our mission is to provide our customers with an all-encompassing, backup power plan that can be implemented the instant power fails.

Every organization should have a disaster preparedness plan, including specific actions to take in the event of a storm, fire, bomb threat, dangerous situation, etc. (see this document for tips).

Specific to the risk of a power outage, services to address in your back up power plan include:

One call does it all. In an emergency our 24/7 phone support with on-call technicians means we can act quickly to repair or deploy backup generator power. At CD & Power we maintain a fleet of over 200 generators ranging in size from 10kW to 1MW. You can depend on us to get the right equipment to you, fast.

You deserve confidence that your generator will function, enabling you to counterpunch power disturbances. Service at CD & Power goes beyond just delivering and connecting equipment.

  • Our tech team, schooled in the mechanics of all leading brand generators, offers preventive maintenance on rented and permanent standby generators.
  • We have the capability to remotely monitor generators for reliability and compliance.
  • We can deliver fuel if needed.

Operating without power is hardly ever an option. Contact us today to get your organization readied for the new world of uncertain power.

We will help you design your backup power plan: we will give you access to towable generators to rent and to a wide range of stationary permanent options for your site. Moreover, we’ll design a custom preventative maintenance plan for all your backup power equipment, including uninterruptible power supplies.

When you need backup power, think CD & Power. Remember, power is in our name.  Call for a free quote.

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