Backup System IR Scanning

In addition to regular inspection and maintenance for your backup generator and automatic transfer switch, periodically scanning your backup system components for hidden problems can help avoid costly downtime. By using a state-of-the-art infrared (IR) scanner, our technician will be able to pinpoint hotspots in generator and transfer switch equipment components. By performing periodically, we can compare thermal images over time to recognize critical changes.

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Backup system IR scan

Backup System IR Scan

Backup System IR Scan Service Details

Along with doing a visual inspection of your backup generator components during a periodic maintenance visit, when you opt for our infrared (IR) scanning service, we will capture thermal images to identify hotspots in your system. The service includes:

  • thermal scan of all accessible components of your generator, including: identification of component with temperature, location and recommended corrective action.
  • thermal scan of Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) components
  • a thorough report of findings, including thermal images, comparisons over time with identified changes, specific recommendations for items requiring maintenance.

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