Why Use a Northern California-Based Industrial Generator Company

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A generator failure can be a full-blown, four-alarm emergency for a facility. It can be a nightmare, and it is not the time to start dreaming up an emergency contingency plan. Dealing with electrical outages can be frightening for anyone. When you have so many depending on you to provide them with services and goods, it can get very stressful very quickly. There is a tendency to jump at quick but not well-thought-out solutions, like looking at the label on the generator and calling the manufacturer. Having a plan in place with a local, Northern California-based industrial generator maintenance company such as CD & Power is crucial for ensuring your equipment can perform when you need it minimizing the risk of potentially catastrophic failures.

Generator Maintenance – is Key

Just as you would perform maintenance on a car, you must have maintenance done regularly for your generator as well.

Maintenance can take place daily, weekly, or every few months. It depends on the part of the generator being examined and what condition it is in.

Reviewing the generator usually consists of undergoing a few critical steps, such as:

  • Removing and replacing filters for the machines
  • Ensuring the fluid levels are filled
  • Replacing parts that are worn down

Having to make a call to Georgia, Indiana, Wisconsin, or somewhere else in the middle of the country where most generators are manufactured could lead to critical delays. It’s a real advantage to have a service agreement with a Northern California-based company. Even if you contracted with an out-of-state service company instead, what happens after you place that service request could be drastically different depending upon whom you call.

Why give up your home-field advantage?

As Northern California‘s largest independent generator service company, CD & Power provides you with a home-field advantage, an advantage that out-of-state competitors cannot match.

While you can perform some backup and industrial generator maintenance practices yourself, others are more complex and require professional service to ensure correct and safe execution.

Service Hotline 24/7

We offer a 24/7 hotline to our direct customers. One call dispatches a local technician to the scene on the same day.

We have a full-time parts manager and an incredible inventory of replacement parts; many repairs are handled quickly and with fewer visits. We also have a large selection of generator rentals to hook up power if you need it while repairs are underway.

Finally  – our team of factory-trained technicians has earned certifications in the maintenance and repair of leading brands such as Taylor Systems, Gillette, and John Deere, among others. And our Compliance Department keeps our workforce current on federal, state, county, and municipal requirements that regulate generator operations. If you have a  generator failure that demands instant action, begin by thinking locally. We’re easy to reach at  1 (866) 468-7697.

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