Understanding the Critical Components of Generator System

Comprehensive Generator Maintenance Checklist for Peak Performance

A generator serves the purpose of supplying power in remote locations or during power outages. A generator maintenance checklist is essential to guarantee a constant and reliable power supply. Certain maintenance tasks should be carried out every time the generator is used, while others can be scheduled at intervals spanning weeks, months, or even years. […]

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Nursing Facilities

New Requirements for Skilled Nursing Facilities – AB 2511

  Table of Contents What Is It?What do Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) need to do?How We Can HelpWhat Is It? AB 2511 became law September 29, 2022, requiring California’s Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) to be compliant with updated backup power rules by January 1, 2024. Rules extend the requirement for on-site backup power available fuel […]

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deutz engines

Deutz Engines Service Company

When you trust your equipment to run nonstop for hours or days at a time, you want to ensure it has a reliable partner to get the job done right. That’s why so many businesses choose Deutz engines. Deutz engines are known for their reliability, efficiency, and performance. In fact, these engines are used worldwide […]

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Complete Guide to Using a Commercial Diesel Generators in Construction

A Complete Guide to Using a Commercial Diesel Generator in Construction

Table of Contents Commercial Diesel Generators in ConstructionBenefits of Using a Mobile / Towable GeneratorWhere Can I Begin?Some benefits to choosing Commercial Diesel Generators are:Not sure what size you need? Looking for a stationary generator?Give Us a CallCommercial Diesel Generators in Construction When starting a new construction project, the contractor often doesn’t have access to […]

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generator maintenance mistakes | Why You Need to Schedule Your Generator Maintenance As Soon As Possible

Why You Need to Schedule Your Generator Maintenance As Soon As Possible

Table of Contents Why You Need to Schedule Your Generator Maintenance As Soon As PossibleWhat is Regular Generator Maintenance?Why You Need to Schedule Your Generator MaintenanceConclusionWhy You Need to Schedule Your Generator Maintenance As Soon As Possible “Parts on backorder with no delivery date given.” That’s the message we’re getting frequently from our suppliers. Whether […]

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towable solar power

Towable Solar Power for Construction Trailers

There’s a new sibling to towable diesel power generation available – towable solar power generators. If you’ve been wondering which to rent for your construction site, we take a hard look into the pros and cons of both in this post. When you have work to do at a construction site before utility power is […]

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Generator Services | service team

CD & Power Expands Sales and Customer Service Team

Table of Contents Sales and Customer Service TeamWhat’s NewHow We’re Putting New Resources to Work for YouSales and Customer Service Team Service team from left to right, Ron Schrader, Mike Bynum, Mike Sartorio, Jim Vaughan, and Michael Stokes We are thrilled to introduce you to our expanded sales and service team. The challenges of recent […]

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Why You Need to Exercise Generator Regularly

Why You Need to Exercise Your Generator Regularly

Table of Contents Why You Need to Exercise Generator Regularly?Red Zone PreparationWhy You Need to Exercise Generator Regularly? Red Zone Preparation At the top of an NFL defensive coordinator’s to-do list, you are likely to find: get the red zone defense into playoff condition. The coach is working it nonstop, from opening day at camp […]

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