generator sales company

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Generator Sales Company

When it comes to purchasing a generator, it is important to find a generator sales company that is not only knowledgeable in the product, but also in the services and logistics surrounding it. A generator is a significant investment, and you want to ensure that you are working with a company that has established expertise […]

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Remote Generator Monitoring

Is the Responsibility of Backup Power in Your Hands?

Then You Want CD & Power’s RemoteGP™ at Your Fingertips. RemoteGP™ helps you stay informed. RemoteGP is a web-based, wireless technology that provides up-to-date, generator performance. Every generator installed with a RemoteGP device reports up-to-date information no matter where it is located. At your desk or anywhere else using a computer, a tablet, or a […]

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Why Rupture Basin Sensor Testing is Important

Welcome to tip number 15 of the Generator Genius series. Today we’ll be talking about the importance of installing and testing sensors to prevent two types of fuel spills.  Diesel fuel is considered a hazardous liquid, so its storage is governed by state and federal rules. Tanks that can store 500 gallons of fuel […]

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power generator

Environmental Regulations That May Affect Your Power Generator

Power generators are essential investments for any business or commercial facility. During bad weather, you can avoid outages and keep everything up and running. Whether you’re planning to have one installed or you already own a power generator, it’s common knowledge that there are environmental regulations to consider. These are not bottlenecks, but additional requirements […]

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Generator Remote Stop Switch Requirement

Welcome to tip number 14 of the Generator Genius series. Today we’ll be talking about the importance of installing the proper means of stopping and disconnecting your generator. Most generators come with a bright red stop switch on the control panel so that if someone needs to shut it down in an emergency, it’s simple […]

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spare the air

Are You In or Are You Out? Air Quality Compliance is a Priority of CD & Power and Our Customers!

Did you know that we are our own customer? Because we have an extensive fleet of portable generators available to rent, our technicians can get pretty busy installing, servicing, and fueling our own equipment. In 2017 things were extra hectic because we brought on 12 (yes TWELVE) new portable generators ranging from 50KW to 1MW. […]

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arc flash danger

Arc Flash Danger and How to Protect Your Workers

Arc flash, also known as flashover or arc fault, is a risk for any workplace that has energized equipment. This uncontrolled electrical discharge can cause serious injury or even death for any workers in the vicinity. Read on to learn more about arc flash danger around generators and how to protect your workers. Table of […]

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Tier 0 Engines in California Must Be Completely Retired

Tier 0 Engines in California Must Be Completely Retired

It’s not new news, but it is important. As outlined in the California Air Resources Board Airborne Toxic Control Measure (ATCM), portable tier 0 diesel engines rated at 50 bhp or greater were to be completely removed from service as of January 1st 2017. We’ve all known this was coming as it’s already been over […]

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Compliance inspections will be happening more frequently – how to be prepared

In the aftermath of the recent tragedy in Oakland, we’re anticipating, as are many others, that municipalities will step up their facilities inspection efforts. Of course, we support improved safety and adherence to environmental standards. We also want you, our valued customers to know we are here to help you be prepared. Many facilities’ managers […]

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Allison transmission logo

Will monitoring your generators remotely (really) save money?

When we talk with our customers about our new remote generator monitoring solution, RemoteGP™, they have a hard time believing how much time and money they stand to save. I suppose that is what happens when a new way of doing things comes along. As air travel became convenient, demand for train tickets dropped. After […]

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