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Can you use biodiesel in your generator?

Because we are in the U.S. state that many see as the leader in environmental protection and sustainability, it’s no wonder that we have customers curious about using biodiesel in their portable backup generators and stationary backup generators. What to Consider When Using Biodiesel in Your Generator Warranty and Support. As with just about any piece […]

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Thoughts to ponder about Generator Replacement

Determining the right time to replace a generator can be a daunting task. A standby generator is one of those pieces of a business that feels useless. Kind of like a Contingency Plan. Until of course the power is out and it is the lifeline to keeping your business functioning or providing critical life safety […]

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Considering a Residential Generator? Start Here.

Having a permanent stationery generator installed at your home used to be a simple matter some ten years ago, but now California cities have adopted the full requirements of the National Fire Protection Association, standard 110 and the rules, regulations, and costs are quite extensive. People who have large parcels of land will have an easier time […]

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LOAD BANK TESTING, a Crucial Part of Generator Maintenance

The purpose of most generator sets is to provide a trustworthy source of power for your facility or business during an emergency situation when the power is out or not available for some reason. In the event of a power failure, there should be no doubt that your backup power source will kick into action and get you back up and running.  But […]

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What’s the Difference Between Natural Gas and Diesel Generators?

Only a few years ago, traditional logic for generator sets (gensets) held that: Diesel generators = reliable and inexpensive but also noisy, loud and messy. Natural gas generators = expensive and temperamental but also quieter and cleaner. Diesel fuel is the traditional choice for commercial and industrial standby power, but is by no means the only […]

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Finding the Right Generator for your Power Needs

Finding the right generator to manage  your power needs is one of the top priorities in choosing a generator to rent or purchase. Whether it’s for primary or standby power, if your new generator can’t meet your specific needs, you should rethink it.  It can put a lot of  stress on the unit and  it can even damage the pieces of […]

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Out with the Old – In with a New Kohler Generator

A beautiful Northern California hotel was the site of CD & Power’s most recent generator replacement project.  An obsolete 10kw generator circa 1980 was replaced with a brand new compliant 2015 Tier 4 25kw Kohler generator in an efficient two-day operation. A three-man team disassembled the old gen end and the engine put the generator […]

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Preparing for the Storm

As Northern California braces itself for the big storm on the horizon this week, the generator team at CD & Power is getting ready for emergency service. It’s almost like Santa’s workshop around here, with the generator elves busy double checking each of the 100 rental generators in the fleet and making sure they are […]

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Generator Genius Video Series

We at CD & Power are thrilled to introduce a brand new series of videos called Generator Genius. So far we have produced four videos that are posted on our website at These bite sized videos will cover tips like: Back Up Your Power (and why a planning ahead can save your business money, […]

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Generators and Water Districts

I just found an excellent article online at regarding specifics about generators as used by Water and Wastewater Districts. Is Your Water or Wastewater System Prepared? What You Need to Know About Generators This article has information for the basics, including how to identify the systems Water Districts might classify as Critical, Secondary and […]

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