Sacramento power shutoffs

Sacramento Power Shutoffs: Facilities Must Prepare Now for Fire Season

Last summer we all experienced a record heat wave of triple digit temperatures which forced periodic power shutoffs to users across California. Moving forward, we should expect a similar assault in 2021. An effective plan must account for soaring temperatures, wildfires, and outages initiated by utilities like SMUD and PG&E, with only a few days’ […]

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fire season august 2020

Fire Season Update #2: August 2020 in Review

The third week of August served as a wakeup call to Mother Nature’s awesome power. A siege of more than 12,000 lightning strikes ripped through the state, touching off wildfires particularly in Northern California. The numbers are gruesome. CAL FIRE is currently tracking three wildfire groupings covering close to 700,000 acres. The CZU Lightning Complex […]

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COVID-19 Policy

COVID-19 Policy and Actions

We are always concerned about the health and safety of our employees and our customers. We have already been preparing for what we believe will be a prolonged and difficult fire season. We are adding to our rental fleet, getting scheduled maintenance completed, and offering education on preparedness. During the California state and regional shelter-in-place […]

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How to Speed Up Restoring Power with a Generator Docking Station

If you live in Northern California, you are likely more familiar with what happens during a power outage than you ever wanted to be. If you have used temporary, portable generators to restore power to your facility in the past, then you are aware that there is more to it than getting a generator on […]

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PG&E Notifications – Potential for Power Shutoffs

We have heard from several customers that they received notification from PG&E regarding potential, planned, power outages starting tomorrow. Forecasts for extreme weather are causing fire concerns. Per PG&E: “Due to expected extreme fire danger conditions, including the Red Flag warning from the National Weather Service and several other weather factors, Pacific Gas and Electric […]

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PG&E’s New Wildfire Risk Measures and What to Do

UPDATE for 2019: PG&E announced more expansive fire risk measures in February 2019. For details about that announcement, visit the PG&E 2019 wildfire safety plan press release. A few of our customers have asked about recent PG&E announcements and how to best be prepared. Here is what we know and recommend: Table of Contents PG&E’s […]

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Backup Power Lessons Learned from Wildfires

In Northern California we are fortunate to live in an expanse of boundless natural beauty. But from time to time Mother Nature reminds us of the essential wildness that stirs within it. Case in point: the recent wildfires in Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino, Butte and Solano Counties. Shortly after the outbreak of the fires Sunday night, we had […]

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CD & Power and Gillette Generators

Table of Contents When You Put the Name Mercy on the Front of Your Building It’s Nice to Know CD & Power and Gillette Generators Have Your Back.Comprehensive Review leads CD & Power to Gillette GeneratorsPlans Have a Way of ChangingImplementationWhen You Put the Name Mercy on the Front of Your Building It’s Nice to […]

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Ready for El Nino?

Ready for El Nino?

According to Mike Halpert of the Federal Climate Protection Center, there is a “95 percent chance of El Nino continuing through the winter, that’s about as confident as you will ever see in a climate forecast.” There you have it, El Nino is coming and it goes without saying that now would be a good […]

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After the Earthquake – Emergency Response

Rob Nanney’s day started early on Sunday August 24. Rob is the Operations Manager at CD & Power.  He has been with the company for 18 years and handles the 24 hour emergency telephone line. After his wife woke him up for the earthquake at 3:30 am, he knew it would be a long day.   […]

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