The 21st Century Technologies That Drive Tier 4 Engines, Demand 21st Century Maintenance

In 2008 Tier 4 engines were mandated for all new off-road construction vehicles. By 2015 they had largely met their goal of reducing harmful emissions from the diesel engines running generators, off-road construction equipment and heavy-duty trucks. A combination of new technologies arms the cleaner performance of Tier 4 engines. Two parts present a particular […]

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Truck Fleet Maintenance Best Practices

  Fleet Maintenance Racks up Safe Driving Miles and Saves Money, Too. Issues uncovered in the garage prevent disasters out on the road. We see it all the time: that clogged filter or rusted connector that a careful check-up would have spotted sidelines your truck for big ticket repairs. Don’t forget to add towing and […]

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Have You Adjusted to the New California BIT Inspection Program?

At the beginning of 2016, California State Assembly Bill 529 (Lowenthal 10/3/2013) went into effect. This legislation altered the previous “Biennial Inspection of Terminals” regulation in some significant ways. For one, it’s no longer strictly a “biennial” requirement (they conveniently renamed it the “Basic Inspection of Terminals” to keep the same acronym). For more details […]

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