Generator Genius Video Series

We at CD & Power are thrilled to introduce a brand new series of videos called Generator Genius. So far we have produced four videos that are posted on our website at These bite sized videos will cover tips like: Back Up Your Power (and why a planning ahead can save your business money, […]

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Pondering the Future of Power Generation

This photo of CD & Power Technician George Enos’s son got me thinking about the future and generators and all the possibilities held by our precious children. Yeah, I know, kind of esoteric for a Thursday. But it’s July and lots of folks around here are on vacation!! Anyway, I have always been fascinated with […]

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Generators and Water Districts

I just found an excellent article online at regarding specifics about generators as used by Water and Wastewater Districts. Is Your Water or Wastewater System Prepared? What You Need to Know About Generators This article has information for the basics, including how to identify the systems Water Districts might classify as Critical, Secondary and […]

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Load Bank Testing from CD & Power

If you are wondering what a Load Bank is, it is a device that develops an electrical load, and applies the load to an electrical power source like a generator. A Load Bank is a great way to provide a maintenance load to an idle generator that hasn’t been used very often, so it can be […]

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What We Are All About

California Diesel & Power was started in June of 1985 by Chuck Uischner aka “The Big Tall Bald Guy.” He would fix equipment during the day and do the bookwork at night. We have come a long way since 1985, with an expanded business in two locations, Martinez and Sacramento, and have surrounded the business […]

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The CD & Power Story

We are Got Power Inc, also known as California Diesel & Power and CD & Power. We offer a variety of services which include: Generator Rentals from 10KW to a 1 Mega Watt fully containerized unit. Generator Maintenance set up on a schedule that suits you. Generator Emergency Service. Here 24/7/365 to keep you up […]

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