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Why Use a Northern California-Based Industrial Generator Company

A generator failure can be a full-blown, four-alarm emergency for a facility. It can be a nightmare, and it is not the time to start dreaming up an emergency contingency plan. Dealing with electrical outages can be frightening for anyone. When you have so many depending on you to provide them with services and goods, […]

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Generator Services | service team

CD & Power Expands Sales and Customer Service Team

Sales and Customer Service Team Service team from left to right, Ron Schrader, Mike Bynum, Mike Sartorio, Jim Vaughan, and Michael Stokes We are thrilled to introduce you to our expanded sales and service team. The challenges of recent years — wildfires, power outages, and COVID — taught us that we are in every sense […]

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operating a generator indoors

The Dangers of Operating a Generator Indoors

Operating a generator indoors can be deadly. Every year millions of people rely on portable generators when they lose access to power. Used safely, a portable generator delivers the power you need, when you need it most. Power outages are common during disasters, and they can last for several days. How Generator CO Poisoning can […]

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Why You Need to Exercise Generator Regularly

Why You Need to Exercise Your Generator Regularly

Why You Need to Exercise Generator Regularly? Red Zone Preparation At the top of an NFL defensive coordinator’s to-do list, you are likely to find: get the red zone defense into playoff condition. The coach is working it nonstop, from opening day at camp and throughout the season. A team’s drive to the playoffs demands […]

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rent commercial generator

How to Prepare for Renting a Commercial Generator

How to Prepare to Rent Commercial Generator Be Prepared – says the Boy Scout motto, which is a pretty good summary of our advice for renting a commercial generator as well. We’re all dependent on electricity; let’s face it when the power goes out, you don’t want to be scrambling to figure out how you’ll […]

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Sacramento power shutoffs

Sacramento Power Shutoffs: Facilities Must Prepare Now for Fire Season

Last summer we all experienced a record heat wave of triple digit temperatures which forced periodic power shutoffs to users across California. Moving forward, we should expect a similar assault in 2021. An effective plan must account for soaring temperatures, wildfires, and outages initiated by utilities like SMUD and PG&E, with only a few days’ […]

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generator apprenticeship

A+ For CD & Power Generator Apprenticeship Program

CD & Power announced today the State of California’s approval of its technician education and training program. After a review of the company’s generator apprenticeship curriculum, the state’s Department of Industrial Relations granted approval and will designate graduates of the four-year program as “Master Generator Technicians.” “That is a new title, never used before in […]

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Battery Maintenance

CD & Power Expands Backup System Services to Include UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) Battery Maintenance

Recognizing how dependent organizations are on battery power for essential operations like computers and healthcare equipment, CD & Power announced today a new service to ensure uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system health. The offering includes a potent combination of new technologies and rigorous testing protocols to identify and resolve potential issues before they happen. Uninterruptable […]

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Together We Rise Up at CD & Power

Together We Rise Up at CD & Power

As many of you know, we select a theme for our company and employees to rally around each year. For 2021, we have chosen “Rise Up” as our theme to inspire us to move forward with gratitude and spread HOPE through our community. While we abandoned our plans to meet up in a few area parks, we managed to still celebrate the season and our Rise […]

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The 21st Century Technologies That Drive Tier 4 Engines Demand 21st Century Maintenance

The 21st Century Technologies That Drive Tier 4 Engines, Demand 21st Century Maintenance

In 2008 Tier 4 engines were mandated for all new off-road construction vehicles. By 2015 they had largely met their goal of reducing harmful emissions from the diesel engines running generators, off-road construction equipment and heavy-duty trucks. A combination of new technologies arms the cleaner performance of Tier 4 engines. Two parts present a particular […]

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