CD & Power Recognized on Top Workplaces 2017 List - Third Year in a Row

CD & Power Recognized on Top Workplaces 2017 List – Third Year in a Row

Putting employees first earns CD & Power a spot on Bay Area News Group small business Top Workplaces list for 3rd year in a row. Martinez, CA – June 27, 2017 – Headquartered in the competitive labor market of the San Francisco Bay Area, CD & Power seems to have cracked the code for attracting […]

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Don’t Let Vacations Disrupt Your Contingency Power Plan

Summertime brings visions of fishing, swimming, golf, picnics and getting away with families and friends. But summer can also bring down upon us the nightmare of power outages, brownouts and other disasters that result from a power grid under severe strain. Your business or facility must have a functioning disaster recovery and contingency power plan […]

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Compliance inspections will be happening more frequently – how to be prepared

In the aftermath of the recent tragedy in Oakland, we’re anticipating, as are many others, that municipalities will step up their facilities inspection efforts. Of course, we support improved safety and adherence to environmental standards. We also want you, our valued customers to know we are here to help you be prepared. Many facilities’ managers […]

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Will monitoring your generators remotely (really) save money?

When we talk with our customers about our new remote generator monitoring solution, RemoteGP™, they have a hard time believing how much time and money they stand to save. I suppose that is what happens when a new way of doing things comes along. As air travel became convenient, demand for train tickets dropped. After […]

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CD & Power and Gillette Generators

When You Put the Name Mercy on the Front of Your Building It’s Nice to Know CD & Power and Gillette Generators Have Your Back. Often in our experience customers become friends and our transactions with them become stories. This is a recent story with a happy ending for all the parties involved. Since 1872 […]

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Top Woman-Owned Business in Bay Area

Martinez-based CD & Power was recently ranked among the Bay Area’s top Women-Owned Businesses by the San Francisco Business Times.  Out of the 192,300 estimated women-owned businesses in the greater San Francisco metro area, the publication chose to highlight the top 100 by revenue.  CD & Power is pleased to announce that they made the […]

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John Deere and Isuzu Rely Upon CD & Power for Expertise

CD & Power has multiple technicians on staff who have completed John Deere’s demanding study courses and the required 500 hours of hands-on, machinery work to attain the elite “Master Engine Certified” level of expertise. In their western region, network of dealers covering California, Nevada, Arizona and Hawaii, John Deere considers only a handful of […]

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Have You Adjusted to the New California BIT Inspection Program?

At the beginning of 2016, California State Assembly Bill 529 (Lowenthal 10/3/2013) went into effect. This legislation altered the previous “Biennial Inspection of Terminals” regulation in some significant ways. For one, it’s no longer strictly a “biennial” requirement (they conveniently renamed it the “Basic Inspection of Terminals” to keep the same acronym). For more details […]

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Can you use biodiesel in your generator?

Because we are in the U.S. state that many see as the leader in environmental protection and sustainability, it’s no wonder that we have customers curious about using biodiesel in their portable backup generators and stationary backup generators. What to Consider When Using Biodiesel in Your Generator Warranty and Support. As with just about any piece […]

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CD & Power Named a Top Workplace Once Again

This week Bay Area News Group rolled out its 7th annual Top Workplace list, based upon a survey conducted by Workplace Dynamics. For Bay Area employers with fewer than 500 employees, CD & Power was once again honored to not just be on the list, but one of the highest scoring! Over thirty years ago […]

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