CD & Power Launches Availability of Portable Solar Power for Rent

CD & Power Launches Availability of Portable Solar Power for Rent

Clean, green, quiet, portable hybrid solar trailers are ready for deployment

Martinez, CA – February 25, 2020 – CD & Power is pleased to announce the immediate availability of portable hybrid solar trailers for rent across its Northern California service area. In order to meet the demand for backup or remote power options that use renewable energy, produce fewer emissions, and provide a quieter alternative to diesel, CD & Power field tested several configurations in 2019. The company now has multiple hybrid solar trailers in stock and available to rent.

About the company’s decision to begin offering solar-based generators, President Jill Collaro explained, “[w]e have been curious about the possibility of portable solar power for years. The technology wasn’t quite ready, until recently. We are excited to now offer solar-based backup power solutions to our customers.”

Here are just a few applications that can be handled by one of the units CD & Power offers:

  • Remote telecommunications equipment
  • Emergency or disaster recovery power for tools and electronics
  • Construction site trailers and power tools
  • Communications for oil & gas exploration or other remote sites
  • Events requiring clean, green, quiet power

Each portable unit consists of solar panels (modules), a bank of batteries to store collected energy, and an inverter to deliver power. One configuration includes eight 335-Watt PV modules, a 75 kWh battery pack, and supplemental gas generator. A second option is configured for specific telecommunications applications requiring -48 Vdc power. That unit consists of two 335-Watt PV modules and a 12 kWh battery contained in a durable, compact cabinet.

“Sometimes a diesel generator isn’t the right tool for the job,” pointed out Lisa Carter, General Manager. “The location might be remote, making it difficult to deliver fuel. Also, the noise or exhaust of a diesel engine can be a problem in some places. We are now in a position to offer clean, green, quiet backup power for those situations.”

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CD & Power is the Largest Independent Generator Service Company in Northern California. Since 1985, the company has been the go-to expert for diesel engine and generator maintenance and repair. From its Martinez, CA headquarters the company rents diesel generators from 10 kW to 1 MW in size as well as a range of portable, hybrid solar generators. Additionally, the company sells, installs, maintains, and repairs most brands of commercial generators. The company’s Sacramento office is the home base to an additional team of generator service technicians, providing timely support to customers across the capitol corridor and central valley areas. For more information about CD & Power, visit their website at:


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