Diesel Fuel Polishing

Limits on run time may be preventing you from using up stored fuel before it degrades. Your fuel investment doesn’t need to go to waste, however. Fuel polishing removes water, sediment and microbial contamination from diesel, red diesel and biodiesel.

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Why Fuel Polishing is a Necessity

Compliance Assessment & Planning

Powering the Success of Northern California means we also help you remain compliant with the numerous agencies and codes that regulate your generator use. We’ve simplified the complex maze of requirements so you are ready for a surprise inspection and mandated reports are just one click away.

When we assess the repair and maintenance needs of your generator, we also evaluate the following generator compliance factors:

  • What Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) govern your location
  • Load tests, as required by the NFPA 110
  • Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) inspection and testing, per NFPA 110
  • Record keeping, per NFPA 110
  • Secondary remote emergency stop switch requirement, per NFPA 70
  • Annual diesel fuel testing, per NFPA 110
  • Rupture basin sensor testing, per California Fire Code (CFC) 5003 & 5004
  • Emergency power source exit lighting, per CFC 1011

Next Step

Diesel Fuel Polishing Service

Risks of allowing diesel fuel to degrade

  • Induction of water, microbial contaminants & oxidization
  • Catastrophic generator failure
  • Plugged fuel lines and filters
  • Noncompliance with Air Quality Control District
Fuel polishing difference

Protects your investment in your fuel and your generator!

  • Ensures your generator operates with clean, healthy fuel
  • Reduces hazardous emissions
  • Annual fuel testing is required
  • Lessens the chance of generator failure
  • Fuel may have “aged,” oxidized and/or contain water. It may have been contaminated before it was delivered to you!

Diesel Fuel Polishing Resources

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