Bronco Power Boost

Automatic, Clean, Emergency Battery Backup System

Power outages are likely here to stay, creating challenges for business owners and homeowners alike. But a backup generator isn’t right for everyone or every situation. If powering a few essential circuits or appliances for one day or several days is all you need, now you have a clean, cost-effective option.

Installed next to your electrical panel, your Bronco Power Boost unit turns on the moment you experience an outage, powering up to 6 designated circuits in your home or business.

Powering Business Essentials

When a backup generator isn’t feasible or just not the right solution, you can still minimize the effect of a power outage. A Bronco Power Boost unit will help you maintain business operations or keep essential systems functional while you implement business continuity measures.

How you might use this clean, efficient backup power system:

  • Communications Systems: key computers & phone systems
  • Point of Sale: WiFi and POS equipment
  • Primary Offices: lights, phones and computers for key employees
  • Essential Equipment: systems for perishable inventory
  • Safety & Security: security systems and safety equipment
Business power outage
Bronco home

Peace of Mind

The Bronco Power Boost system is kept fully charged until a power outage occurs, then immediately takes over. All you’ll notice is a temporary blink of lights. It’s designed for indoor and outdoor use and requires no ventilation.

What this clean, efficient battery system can power:

  • Master Bedroom: selected receptacles plus lights and ceiling fans
  • Living Room: lights, television, WiFi, ceiling fan and outlets
  • Home Office: outlets for computer, WIFI and lights
  • Refrigerator: connected directly to keep your food cold
  • Garage Door: will also have backup power
  • Security System: maintain protection for your property

Emergency Charging Options

Bronco Power Boost units automatically charge from your utility power source. On its own, the battery unit can power your essential appliances, outlets, and lighting for days. In the event of an extended outage, it can also be charged by any source of power equipped with a 110V A/C outlet!

No more sitting in your car to charge your phone. Avoid the dangers of running long extension cords from a portable generator into your home or facility. Simply plug your Bronco Power Boost unit into any of those sources to extend the hours of power your system provides – all while enjoying power to the core home or business circuits backed up by your device.

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