Why You Need to Exercise Your Generator Regularly

Why You Need to Exercise Generator Regularly

Why You Need to Exercise Generator Regularly?

Red Zone Preparation

At the top of an NFL defensive coordinator’s to-do list, you are likely to find: get the red zone defense into playoff condition. The coach is working it nonstop, from opening day at camp and throughout the season. A team’s drive to the playoffs demands a shut-down red-zone package.

In Northern California, we are all approaching our red zone now, stacked up against the forces of hot weather, crushing winds, and wildfires. At the same time, we must deal with intentional power shutdowns scheduled to protect the overworked electric grid.

Whether it is a small portable or a massive standby, the generator is the middle linebacker of your power backup strategy.

Exercise Generator Regularly

The sound of a diesel generator humming along in a blackout is music to our ears but, between emergencies, generators tend to be neglected. You need to exercise the generator weekly or at minimum, every other week.

If the generator is not run for long periods, its power capacity will diminish over time. Run the equipment, check for fuel levels and leaks, loose connections, frayed wires, and anything that will interfere with smooth operation.

Even if it is running, make sure it will supply the rated power. Exercising your generator is part of a comprehensive maintenance plan to ensure that your generator will work when you need it.

Schedule the Exercise Early in the Week

If you detect a generator problem, it is better to find it out early in the week. Calling in a parts order with CD & Power on Tuesday gives us time to express ship a replacement.  Then hopefully you will be back up and running before the following weekend, saving or at least minimizing the cost of rental equipment.

Play by the Rules – Exercise Generator Regularly

While we recommend an exercise generator regularly regimen, you must limit how long it runs each time. In order to remain compliant with air quality regulations for your location, you will need to keep your total run hours each year below a maximum determined by your air quality district.

CD & Power Generator Support – Exercise Generator Regularly

At CD & Power we field a team of factory-trained technicians schooled in the maintenance and repair of just about every brand of generator. We are available throughout the red zone season and all year, 24/7, for emergency repair services. Our trucks are thoroughly equipped, and our parts manager keeps the inventory full.

Not keeping your generator at peak effectiveness and efficiency is the same as a coach keeping the middle linebacker off the field at practice and playing him sparingly, saving him for the playoffs. Come January, the team will be out of the race and the coach out of a job.

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