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Generator Maintenance FAQs

How much fuel will our generator require?

Fuel consumption depends upon the size of your generator and the load placed on it. To estimate fuel consumption, visit our generator sizing calculator

Why did it break?

Generators and trucks are complex pieces of equipment. The problem with your equipment may be as simple as a rodent nesting inside of it has chewed through a wire. Or, something more challenging to diagnose may be going on.
As emissions restrictions have escalated, manufacturers have incorporated sophisticated electronics to control emissions output. In order to assess any problem that you are having with your equipment, we must thoroughly evaluate it, often with the aid of electronic diagnostic tools.

What is a load bank? Is that required?

Periodic load bank testing is critical to ensuring that your generator is ready to perform when needed. Load bank testing is a process by which we run a generator with a real load on it (as if it was being relied upon to generate power — not simply idle). Load bank testing allows your generator to burn off carbon that builds up in the cylinders so it doesn’t bog down when it is actually needed. Depending upon your generator size and type, periodic load bank testing may be required. More information about load bank testing.

Generator & Engine Compliance FAQs

What is a PTO?

PTO stands for Permit to Operate. It is required to legally install and use your backup generator that is over 50hp. This type of permit is issued by your regional air quality management organization.

What are emissions regulations?

Both portable and stationary backup generators over 50hp are subject to emissions regulation. Regional air quality management, counties, fire protection, and local municipalities may all have authority in your area to govern your generator use. For help with specific regulations in your area, contact us and ask for our compliance department.

How many hours can we run our generators?

Depending upon the size and intended use of your generator, you may have strict limits on the number of hours you can operate your generator each year. Regulations are intended to manage air quality. Review the operating conditions for restrictions.

What are appropriate exercise intervals for our generator?

In order to make sure that your standby generator is functioning properly and ready to operate when a power failure occurs, it should be exercised with a load periodically. How often you can run your generator for this purpose is regulated by the air quality management authority. Contact us and ask for our compliance department for assistance

Our Services FAQs

What do you do?

We are experts in backup power. Our factory-trained technicians are truly some of the best in the country. We…

Do you buy used generators?

No, but we do act as a broker and can assist with selling. We have a large network of customers and industry connections to whom we promote generators for sale. Contact us so we can determine if your generator is a good candidate for our sales channel. Due to the challenges meeting air quality requirements, most older generators have to be sold out of state or out of the country.

Do you sell used generators?

Yes. We broker used generators, so often have a number of units available for sale. Contact us for details.

Do you sell portable generators?

Yes. We sell both stationary and portable generators. As partners with brands like MultiQuip and Taylor, we are able to offer the best commercial-grade portable generators at competitive prices.

Do you rent generators?

Yes, we have a fleet of over 100 generators available to rent. Our inventory ranges in size from 10 KW to 1 MW and we offer both long term and short term rentals. Visit our rental page for more information.

What is a RemoteGP?

RemoteGP is our remote monitoring and reporting solution that makes producing necessary regulatory compliance reports easier and allows technicians (ours and yours) to monitor a variety of operating variables (alarm conditions, fuel level, etc.) from any internet-connected computer. It consists of a GPS-enabled device attached to each monitored piece of equipment and a private customer portal. For more information, visit our RemoteGP page.

Do you service pumps?

Yes and no. Our technicians are factory trained to service and maintain engines or pumps and other types of industrial equipment. Contact us so we can discuss your needs.

Do you maintain transfer switches?

Yes. Our technicians are trained to maintain and service automatic transfer switches (we sell them too).

Do you rent transfer switches?

Yes. We rent all of the necessary equipment to get up and running with backup power, including transfer switches, distribution panels, cables and cable ramps, and spider boxes.

Do you do shop work in Sacramento?

No. We only perform work in our shop (trucks, RVs, other portable equipment and engines) at our Martinez headquarters.

What response time can we expect?

We offer 24/7 emergency service 365 days per year. Our customers are always guaranteed to talk with a staff member live in the event of an emergency. We keep technicians on call, so we can mobilize a response to your service need or outage quickly. Overall response time depends upon your location and needs.

What brands do you work on?

We service all major generator brands including Gillette, Honda, Kohler, MultiQuip,Taylor Power Systems, Cummins, Cat and Generac. From our Martinez facility, we also work on major trucks including International, Ford, Volvo Penta, John Deere, and Isuzu, and Engine Brands Volvo Penta, John Deere, Isuzu, and Deutz.

Do you work on RV's?

No. But we service major RV generator brands including Onan and Honda.



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