Generators and Water Districts

I just found an excellent article online at regarding specifics about generators as used by Water and Wastewater Districts.

Is Your Water or Wastewater System Prepared? What You Need to Know About Generators

This article has information for the basics, including how to identify the systems Water Districts might classify as Critical, Secondary and Non-Critical needs. It helps them weigh a variety of considerations including:

  • Fuel Type
  • Hook-Up Method
  • Location
  • and other elements like the use of a Variable Frequency Drive

The article also offers Operation and Maintenance Tips. Some of which include:

  • Exercise your generator periodically … to keep it ready for use.
  • Develop a “start and connect” checklist specific to each generator and keep it where it will be easy to find.
  • Be sure the generator is properly grounded.
  • Incorporate fuel management into the maintenance schedule to ensure availability of clean, reliable fuel.

The article includes a form to be used in the event of an emergency. Fill it out BEFORE you need it, and this form will help immensely when time is critical and you need to restore power to your facility FAST.

Of course there is no substitute for having a relationship with a generator expert like CD & Power. With a rental fleet of generators from 10kw to 2 megawatt at the ready, and an emergency hotline available 24/7,  CD & Power is available to help in an emergency — with the equipment and the skilled technicians to restore power whether you manage a water district, a high rise office building, or a factory.  It’s no wonder our customers call us Generator Genius!

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