Power Generation For Everybody

Last week, Martha Stewart published a video about her experience having a generator installed on her farm in Bedford, New York.

Her home there has been called more like a small village, set on 153 acres of farmland. It takes a somewhat large parcel of land for a generator — especially in California where many communities have setbacks and quiet areas so that the sounds and emissions from a generator do not disturb neighbors.
CD & Power installs generators mainly for commercial customers, but given enough space and approval from local building departments, air quality districts, and fire departments, a permanent generator for your home can be ideal. No longer will the threat of a power outage interfere with your lifestyle!

Remember, if you are considering a generator, the cost of the unit itself is just a fraction of the entire process of having it approved, installed, and powered up. Let us know if you would like a CD & Power sales tech to look into the process at your property.

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