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We sell and install stationary and towable generators for: government agencies, grocery stores & retail, high-rise office buildings, hospitals, and more. Our turn-key generator sales & installation department secures all necessary permits from cities, counties, air quality management districts and other AHJs. Our compliance department will help you satisfy regulatory requirements that apply to your site and backup power solution.

We service Northern California from our San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento locations. Call (866) 468-7697 for details.

Generator Sales & Installation

Assessment & Planning

Our service begins by helping you assess your backup power needs:

  • Will you need to back up your entire site, or just specific items? We will help you think through the pros and cons, including the potential cost of rerouting circuits to one location to backup just specific pieces of equipment.
  • What is the best fuel source? For example, natural gas may be a good option, but keep in mind that your utility may turn off the supply in the event of an earthquake or other situation that it considers to be a risk. An on-site diesel supply is not subject to being turned off, but comes with additional maintenance requirements.
  • Where will your generator be installed? We will help you select the best indoor or outdoor location that complies with fuel storage and exhaust regulations.
  • Are permits necessary? Generator installation and use is highly regulated. Building and air quality district permits are required. Keep in mind that it may take one year or more from the time you begin the process to your startup date.

Next Steps:

Equipment Selection, Purchase, & Installation

Once we determine your backup power goals and develop a plan, we will work with engineers to size the generator, tank, and other equipment accordingly, then produce engineering drawings. You may not select and install a generator often, but we do! We will act as the prime contractor on the installation project, managing all aspects including:

  • sale of Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) and other ancillary equipment
  • applying for and securing necessary permits from authorities having jurisdiction over your site
  • attending inspections
  • managing other contractors involved like electrical, cement, fencing

Startup and Test

Once the backup generator, ATS, fuel storage, etc., are all installed, we will start up your generator and ensure that the power phase rotation is correct. Furthermore, we will perform a live building transfer to simulate a utility outage and make sure that the ATS communicates with the generator and calls for a start up.

After running successfully, and producing the proper voltage, we will restore the building’s utility power and make sure that the transfer back occurs without a hitch.

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