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Acquiring and maintaining the right backup power solution for your facility or home takes planning. Depending upon your goals, you may simply want to put a plan in place for renting a generator when you need it, or you may feel the need to install a stationary, stand-by generator that is ready to jump into action the moment utility power falters.

Commercial Standby Generator

Stationary, standby generators for commercial properties require planning. Start by considering these questions.

Do you want to backup your whole facility, or just some of the electrical load? It is often cost prohibitive to backup your entire facility, but your wiring plan must support separating essential equipment or circuits. If backing up your entire operation is feasible, this simplifies wiring.

What kind of fuel do you want to use? Natural gas may be easy to access, but could be turned off by the utility in the event of an emergency. On-site diesel offers more control, along with higher maintenance requirements.

Are permits necessary? Generator installation and use is highly regulated. Building and air quality district permits are required. Keep in mind that it may take one year or more from the time you begin the process to your startup date.

How We Can Help

We sell a range of generator sets and are well versed in the process of navigating regulations and coordinating all the “players” needed to install, test, and maintain a stationary generator.

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Additional Resources for buying, maintaining, and managing regulatory compliance.

Portable Generator Rental

Portable generators come in handy, but you still need to plan ahead. Start by considering these questions.

Do you really need a generator on-site at all times? If it is not critical to be up an running on backup power within minutes, you may be a good candidate for renting a generator when needed.

Are you in the process of getting a stationary generator? As we mention on this page, it can take a year or more to get a standby generator permitted, delivered and installed. Meanwhile, a rented portable generator can be brought online right away, so long as your property and use meets basic requirements.

Is your standby generator sufficient for a long outage? If you have a stationary, standby generator that is sized to handle a portion of your electrical load, you may want to create a plan for renting portable generators as supplemental backup power.

Do you know what you would need? Even though a portable generator can be delivered quickly, it is important to determine your power needs and understand details like where it will be parked, what it will power, and more.

How We Can Help

We have one of the largest inventories of portable generators to rent in Northern California. However, at peak times, many of our units will be reserved or in use by other customers.

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Residential Standby Generator

Considering a stationary, standby generator for your home? Start with these questions.

Do you want to backup your whole house, or just some of the electrical load? To backup your entire home, you will need a larger (more expensive) generator, but the electrical work is more simple, and should should cost less.

What kind of fuel do you want to use? For home applications, natural or propane gas are often preferred, but diesel or even solar (with battery backup) are options.

Are permits required? To install any sized stationary generator, you will need a building permit from your city or town which will detail what is acceptable. For generators rated at 50hp or higher, you will also need an air quality district permit.

Where to buy and how to install? For residential use, there are many sources for buying your generator (including us). Keep in mind that once you have it, you will need professional help to install, test, and startup properly.

How much should I budget for this project? Roughly speaking, you should budget at least $25,000 to cover the whole effort, including the purchase of the generator, transfer switch, concrete pad, electrical, and installation work. Depending upon your needs, the price could be higher. Keep in mind that any generator will require periodic maintenance.

How We Can Help

As a dealer for several leading generator brands, we can help you select the right unit for your needs and manage the whole process. We can also coordinate the installation of a generator that you buy through another source.

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Additional Resources for buying, maintaining, and managing regulatory compliance.



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