How CD & Power Revived Coyote Point Recreation Area

Coyote Point Recreation Area

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In early 2023, Coyote Point Recreation Area, nestled close to the San Francisco Airport, faced the wrath of winter storms that drenched the grounds and unleashed powerful gusts of wind. The aftermath was devastating, with approximately 200 eucalyptus trees toppling due to saturated soil, one striking a crucial transformer. The result? A widespread power outage that paralyzed operations not only within the recreation area but also neighboring facilities and utility customers. With the utility estimating a daunting six-month timeline for grid power restoration, CuriOdyssey, a science playground and zoo located at Coyote Point, found itself in dire straits.

CD & Power Steps In

Having previously sought CD & Power’s assistance for a generator purchase to safeguard refrigeration, the Wildlife Director at CuriOdyssey knew they could rely on CD & Power’s expertise. Director of Operations, Kathleen O’Brien, worked with CD & Power to develop a plan. The primary concern was the welfare of the wildlife residents, but she also emphasized the critical need for heating in staff spaces to maintain operational continuity.

CD & Power’s Expertise at Work

CD & Power collaborated closely with CuriOdyssey to devise a comprehensive solution. By implementing strategic recabling and other adjustments, we successfully powered the main building of Coyote Point Recreation Area, enabling the vital reopening to visitors. Understanding the pressing nature of the situation, CD & Power swiftly delivered a rental generator to the site and arranged for a steady supply of fuel on a weekly basis.

Coyote Point Recreation Area: Results Achieved

Within a mere two weeks, CD & Power had addressed the initial power needs, providing a crucial lifeline for CuriOdyssey and its inhabitants. But our dedication didn’t stop there. Recognizing the importance of long-term sustainability, CD & Power ultimately delivered a more permanent solution that allowed the recreation area to fully reopen to the public in less than 90 days. “The team at CD & Power was quick to respond. We appreciated that they understood the urgency of our situation. Figuring out a way for us to reopen to visitors months before utility power was going to be restored helped the organization tremendously,” explained O’Brien.

Lessons Learned

The collaboration transformed crisis into opportunity, ensuring the continued legacy of CuriOdyssey’s operation. By enabling the organization to maintain essential services then welcome paying customers, CD & Power played a pivotal role in sustaining its financial health during a period of uncertainty.


In the end, the collaboration between CuriOdyssey and CD & Power exemplifies the power of partnership and resilience. Coyote Point Recreation Area, As the beloved science playground and zoo continues to flourish, the partnership will be remembered as a testament to the strength of community.

About CuriOdyssey

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CuriOdyssey, located in the Coyote Point Recreation Area, offers encounters with wildlife and engaging hands-on science exhibits. As a nonprofit science museum and zoo, CuriOdyssey embodies the spirit of discovery and exploration. Here, children are encouraged to observe wildlife up close, conduct scientific experiments, and allow their curiosity to guide their learning journey. With a mission to inspire a love for science and curiosity about the world, CuriOdyssey is committed to shaping a brighter future for generations to come.

By providing opportunities for exploration, discovery, and connection with nature, they strive to empower individuals to become stewards of the environment. We are proud to partner with organizations such as CuriOdyssey who create a brighter future brimming with wonder, curiosity, and endless possibilities.

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