John Deere and Isuzu Rely Upon CD & Power for Expertise


CD & Power has multiple technicians on staff who have completed John Deere’s demanding study courses and the required 500 hours of hands-on, machinery work to attain the elite “Master Engine Certified” level of expertise. In their western region, network of dealers covering California, Nevada, Arizona and Hawaii, John Deere considers only a handful of people as “Master Engine Certified.”

We are happy be associated with the long-standing company. “John Deere is a product we can get behind not only because of the quality of the engines, but the old-school culture,” President Jill Collaro described. “The ‘get the piece of equipment up and running at all costs’ attitude is still alive and well with John Deere.”

We’re proud of the frontline of knowledge and talent we put in the field every day to diagnose and work out solutions to customer problems. Whether it’s an engine in a heavy duty generator on the roof of hospital or a diesel driving a rugged fleet truck, whatever the problem CD & Power will break it down and get the engine firing again. If you need qualified diagnostics and expert repair on any John Deere engine there’s no better place to call than CD & Power.

We have over 30 years of experience installing, maintaining and servicing industrial engines from John Deere, Isuzu, Honda and other manufacturers. When you work with big engines you encounter big problems.

Take the recent experience CD & Power faced with the Isuzu engines in some of our customers’ MultiQuip brand generators. The engines were shutting down due to crystallization in their diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). These “Tier 4” engines have sophisticated systems tuned to comply with the latest standards restricting the exhaust of carbon and other pollutants.

The problem demanded an all-hands-on-deck effort. CD & Power collaborated with a team of from Isuzu – several of whom traveled all the way from Japan to work with us – to analyze the problem and formulate a solution. We transported generators from customer sites to our own service facility where we could put our equipment, supervision and trained staff to work on the issue.

We helped develop a workaround and continue to collaborate with the Isuzu team on a long-term solution. More importantly, we accumulated further knowledge and experience placing CD & Power at the forefront in resolving Tier 4 environmental issues.

There is a reason why CD & Power has evolved into the leader in servicing generators in Northern California. We take that position and hold it by “solving problems.” Customers trust us with their generator breakdowns. In an outage crisis they know we’ll come through 24/7. And customers trust us to keep their generators operating within regulatory guidelines.

We are proud of our technicians for attaining the John Deere Master Engine Certified level. And we are just as proud of the learning and problem solving played out every day by our entire workforce.

Colin Powell said it best. “Leadership is solving problems. The day soldiers stop bringing you their problems is the day you stop leading them.”

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