Load Bank Testing from CD & Power

If you are wondering what a Load Bank is, it is a device that develops an electrical load, and applies the load to an electrical power source like a generator.

A Load Bank is a great way to provide a maintenance load to an idle generator that hasn’t been used very often, so it can be ready for power outages. If your generator has been sitting and has not been used recently, you may want to Load Bank it. CD & Power can provide this service.

The Load Bank machine plugs into your generator and provides a load of energy. It will run your generator to its maximum power and clean out all the bad carbon that has been building up in your generator.

So bottom line, it may be a good thing your generator isn’t being used, that means you haven’t lost power, but there is that day your power will go out and your generator will kick on and you will want to trust that it will be ready to work with no problems. Routine maintenance and Load Banking will help to ensure that it runs when needed. Same as a car – a driver doesn’t just start up the car and think it will work, they take it for a drive – and that is what load bank testing does – takes a power generator for a drive in a safe environment.

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