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Solar telecom power

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Solar power is abundant in California and it can provide all the energy needed for certain applications, like remote telecommunications sites with minimal power requirements.

For greater power demands, hybrid battery and diesel engine solutions like the ANA Energy Boss can dramatically reduce emissions and operating costs.

Read on to learn more about the innovative mobile green power solutions we offer.

Hybrid Battery / Diesel Generators

Solutions like the ANA Energy Boss pair a fast-charging, high-life-cycle battery with an efficient genset as the charging source. Depending upon the load, a hybrid diesel / battery generator will reduce emissions and operating expenses as much as 50% – 80%!


  • Sustained, quiet power
  • Lower emissions
  • Reduced fuel consumption and cost
  • Low maintenance
Hybrid Generator
Solar telecom power

Solar Power for Telecom Sites

Reliable and maintenance-free, our BB-4-12 unit is compact and easy to deploy. The combination of two 335-Watt PV modules and a long-lasting, high-capacity battery means the BB-4-12 will deliver -48 Vdc power around the clock.


  • Delivers 4 kWh per day, on average, max 7 amps
  • Full output in ambient temps up to 104 ºF
  • Two 335-Watt PV modules & 12 kWh battery
  • No maintenance – even the batteries never require water


The solar panels rotate so the unit can be lifted with a hoist. When you rent portable solar generators from us, just tell us where to go. We deliver, set up and power up.

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