Patented Small Business Battery Energy Storage System Now Available in California

Battery energy storage system

Patented Small Business Battery Energy Storage System

MARTINEZ, CA – January 24, 2024: CD & Power, the largest independent generator service company in Northern California, today announced that it will be the exclusive Northern California dealer of the patented Bronco Power Boost battery energy storage system.

The Bronco Power Boost is a revolutionary solution for small businesses and homeowners, providing uninterrupted backup power to crucial equipment during power outages. This battery-powered unit is clean, compact, and operates quietly. It can be conveniently mounted on a wall, whether indoors or outdoors.

By utilizing grid power, the Bronco Power Boost automatically activates when it detects an outage, supplying power to devices for a duration of 32 to 96 hours, depending on the load and configuration.

Additionally, Bronco offers a time-of-use feature that enables customers to schedule power transfers to the battery unit, allowing them to save money on their utility bills during peak usage periods.

Battery Energy Storage System

First launched in 2019, the device is already installed in hundreds of locations in the U.S. and growing in popularity due to its simplicity and purpose-built design. Typical equipment that business owners with Bronco Power Boost units in place are able to operate through an outage with a Bronco Power Boost in place:

  • Phone system
  • Automatic doors
  • Computers
  • Cash registers & POS terminals
  • Security cameras
  • LED lighting
  • Medical freezers
  • Internet routers

“The Bronco Power Boost fits perfectly in our product portfolio. We are the go-to company for backup power, but not every business needs the capabilities that a diesel or hybrid battery-diesel generator provides. Additionally, some sites don’t have the space a generator requires.

Now we can provide a clean, quiet backup power solution that will be a perfect fit for many small businesses,” explained Lisa Carter, Vice President at CD & Power.

Bronco Founder and President, Billy Whittaker, is pleased to partner with CD & Power, sharing “[w]e want to work with companies that share our commitment to protecting homeowners and business owners from power outages.

CD & Power holds a great reputation in the California communities it serves and the team is excited to help us bring our no gas, no cords, no noise option to market. It’s a great partnership.”

Patented Small Business Battery Energy Storage System is now available in California, providing a reliable and efficient solution for businesses in need of energy storage. This innovative battery system offers enhanced performance and sustainability, catering to the growing demand for clean energy solutions.

By integrating advanced technology, businesses can optimize their energy usage and reduce their carbon footprint while ensuring uninterrupted power supply.

About CD & Power

CD & Power is a leading provider of backup power and industrial engine products and services serving Northern California from offices in Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area. The company specializes in generator and battery backup equipment sales, rentals, and maintenance services for commercial and industrial applications.

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About Bronco Power Boost – Battery Energy Storage System

Bronco Power Boost was founded in 2019, with the mission to offer efficient battery backup power solutions without the limitations of costlier and bulkier systems. The Bronco Power Boost is an eco-friendly, automatic, battery energy storage system that is always fully charged by a trickle charge system when grid power is in use.

As soon as an outage occurs, the unit automatically turns on, providing power to essential circuits.



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