Preparing for the Storm

As Northern California braces itself for the big storm on the horizon this week, the generator team at CD & Power is getting ready for emergency service.

Christmas-generator copy

It’s almost like Santa’s workshop around here, with the generator elves busy double checking each of the 100 rental generators in the fleet and making sure they are all ready for service. (Remember, if the power goes off at your workplace, you can call 24 hours a day and help will be on the way.)

In the spirit of advance preparation, here is a check list you can to use to make sure your generator is functional when you need it.

  • Check your fuel level and top it off if its low
  • Make sure there is enough oil and coolant
  • Use a battery tester to make sure your battery is putting out adequate voltage
  • Start the generator and run it through a maintenance cycle
  • Do a live transfer test by opening the main breaker
  • Clear any debris in the radiator and inside the generator enclosure. There should also be no debris inside the electrical room!
  • Make sure that the exhaust outlet is not near anything flammable
  • Jot down the phone number of CD & Power just in case you need help, 1-925-229-2700.

If you have a critical facility that does not have a back-up generator, it’s a good idea to give Lisa Galleano a call at 925-229-2700 extension 111. She will help you determine the size generator you’ll need, so all of your Christmas activities can continue uninterrupted, regardless of the weather coming our way from the North Pole.

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