Ready for El Nino?

Ready for El Nino?

A storm approaching the coast

According to Mike Halpert of the Federal Climate Protection Center, there is a “95 percent chance of El Nino continuing through the winter, that’s about as confident as you will ever see in a climate forecast.”

There you have it, El Nino is coming and it goes without saying that now would be a good time to start reviewing your emergency procedures for a loss of power.  The danger of flooding and power cuts is all too real. “We could see upwards of 200 percent of average rainfall event.” Said Bill Croyle of the California Department of Water Resources.



El Nino aside, there has been a 58% increase in power outages over the last 5 years. Not only that, but a recent study showed that the median cost to a small business for loss of power is upwards of $12,500 per day.


Downed power lines

The Small Business Majority and the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) published a report that found:

  • An estimated 25 percent of small business do not open following a recent disaster such as a major storm.
  • 57 percent of small business have no disaster preparedness plan.
  • 90 percent of small business spend less than one day a month on maintaining and preparing a plan.

As one can read, the cost of doing nothing far outweighs the cost of doing something. There are numerous resources one can go to for advice and guidance on emergency planning.  For example, there is a great site called which you can go to by clicking here

driving in rain and fog

CD & Power also has a free tool available to you, it’s called the site survey emergency generator form and it’s available here. This is a great tool to use as it will save time and have the power restored much faster.  Need help completing this form? We have trained people that can work with you on contingency planning for power outages.

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