Will monitoring your generators remotely (really) save money?

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When we talk with our customers about our new remote generator monitoring solution, RemoteGP™, they have a hard time believing how much time and money they stand to save. I suppose that is what happens when a new way of doing things comes along. As air travel became convenient, demand for train tickets dropped. After home refrigerators became affordable, the need for ice delivery dropped dramatically.

Remote Generator Management
And now that you can monitor your generators from anywhere, the cost of running around to check on them, and the risk of not knowing what problems they may have, are relics of the past. Let’s take a quick look at just six of the ways that implementing RemoteGP will save time and money:

1) Instant Air Quality Reports. RemoteGP’s online portal ensures that you are prepared to print necessary reports with the click of a mouse when Air Quality Management District inspectors show up by surprise. When installed on all generators, AQMD reports can be printed for all managed generators from a central location.

2) Real-time Accurate Generator Logs. Forget about chasing people around to identify the gaps in the log book at each generator site. Now, accurate data is captured and stored online to make reconciliation easier. Not only does it keep track of run time, but it distinguishes between generator exercising and operation that is a result of an actual power outage.

3) End of Costly Failures. Instead of finding out about issues like a dying battery that has the potential to prevent your generator from working in an emergency, receive notification as alert conditions occur. Periodic in-person inspections are of course still recommended, but are no longer your sole method of uncovering operational problems.

4) Less Need for BMS. Building Management Systems are great, but expensive. By implementing our remote generator monitoring system, your organization may get just the right features for hundreds per year that would cost you many thousands to get through the implementation of a Building Management System.

5) Avoid Costly Fines. Inaccurate or nonexistent generator logs are not just a management headache, they result in fines. With RemoteGP critical information is at your fingertips and stored for easy retrieval and reporting.

RemoteGP is a web-based, wireless solution for managing generators at multiple locations. We are proud to make it available to our clients across Northern California to help them realize HUGE savings of time and money. To learn more visit the RemoteGP service page. Give us a call at (925) 229-2700 and ask for Karen in our compliance department.

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