How to Prepare for Renting a Commercial Generator

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How to Prepare to Rent Commercial Generator

Be Prepared – says the Boy Scout motto, which is a pretty good summary of our advice for renting a commercial generator as well. We’re all dependent on electricity; let’s face it when the power goes out, you don’t want to be scrambling to figure out how you’ll get a backup generator on-site, connected, and running; losing power is already stressful enough. But it doesn’t need to be, especially if you prepare.

If you anticipate needing portable backup power at any point this year, determine the answers to the questions below to help us get the right portable generator on your site and hooked up quickly.

What voltage is your power? Single phase or three phase? How many amps do you need a backup commercial generator to supply?

If the power for the facility is required to be maintained at the same capacity as your electrical utility company provides, it’s necessary to calculate the aggregate load. This is the amount of power consumed during the average peak period where electricity demand is greatest in regular operation. There are several ways to measure the aggregate electrical load:

a) Taking ammeter readings from the facility’s electrical distribution boxes at peak periods

b) Using the maximum amperage capacity rating of the electrical boxes

c) Reviewing utility bills and averaging consumption during peak periods

Knowing these variables will tell us the size generator that would be appropriate for your application. To save time, use our Generator Sizing Calculator to get an idea. We rent commercial generators ranging from 10 kW right up to 1 Megawatt. Just as estimating peak usage is essential in selecting a rental generator, so is taking stock of critical and non-critical electrical loads. It’s necessary to prioritize what equipment is crucial to keep operating in a power grid interruption. Likely, a good deal of consumption can be limited or shut down when going into an emergency generator backup mode. This planned consumption will determine the size of the generator required and, therefore, the cost.

What do you have in place for connecting your commercial generator to your facility?

You don’t need to have anything because we rent all the additional equipment required, such as cables, cable ramps, transfer panels, spider boxes, and distribution panels. We’ll also need to know where the generator will be located and the distance the cables will need to span to reach your panel. If you know you’ll be renting a portable commercial generator from time to time, you may want to invest in specific infrastructure to accommodate it, including a docking station to speed up the time it takes to get a generator connected and online.

How much do you anticipate using it?

Generators need to be exercised periodically and regularly maintained to dependably deliver the power you need AND remain compliant with air quality regulation. Our generators include remote monitoring technology to keep track of run hours without bothering you, but the more information you can provide about your planned usage, the better we can estimate maintenance and fuel costs.

Speaking of fuel costs, will you need fuel delivery?

We offer a fuel delivery service. Be sure to mention if you have a need – You don’t want to run out of fuel and have the power go out on you in the middle of the workday! Commercial generators rarely use gasoline. Diesel is the most common fuel for industrial generators, with propane coming in second, followed by natural gas. Gasoline is left to the light-duty recreational generator market.

In addition to anticipating the above questions, you’ll also want to check with your town or county to determine if you will need a permit to operate a portable commercial generator. All of our equipment is compliant with the latest California regulations, so you won’t have to worry about that. Nevertheless, your municipality may require a permit.

We Make it as Stress-Free as Possible

Our standard process for renting a generator includes delivery, hook up, power up, orientation, initial fueling, and inspection, and by answering the above questions before you call, we can ensure we select and deliver your generator quicker.


Commercial Generator Deployment Plan Tip

Ensure that CD & Power are already part of your contingency team long before you need to get an industrial generator to the facility or to rent commercial generator to the job site. Ready to get prepared? Give us a call at 925-229-2700 or click on the button at the top of this page to send us a message.

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