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In a world where energy demands are constantly evolving, finding sustainable and efficient power solutions is crucial. CD & Power, a leader in providing power solutions, has partnered with ANA, Inc., a pioneering force in the energy sector, to introduce a game-changing innovation: the ANA Energy Boss™ hybrid energy

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Determining the right time to replace a generator can be a daunting task. For example, a standby generator is one piece of equipment in a business that feels somewhat redundant—it’s a contingency plan. Until that is, the power goes out, and it is the lifeline to keeping your business functioning or providing critical safety

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This Assessment is meant for research purposes only. Consult your specific jurisdiction for exact details as to your compliance requirements.

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Backup Generator Planning & Safety

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PG&E Planned Power Outages & Other Wildfire Mitigation Efforts

Pacific Gas & Electric filed its state-mandated 2023 wildfire safety plan in March. The extensive plan proposes to clear vegetation, inspect power lines, install sensors and cameras, and otherwise invest in efforts to prevent a recurrence of the deadly wildfires that pushed the Northern California utility into bankruptcy.



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