Sacramento, California

Located in Northern Central California, an hour and a half east of Oakland and San Francisco, Sacramento is the capital city of California as well as county seat for Sacramento County. The port’s accessible by the San Joaquin Delta River and Sacramento River. In 1849, it became one of the first cities to establish their charter under state law after being registered with CA Legislature in 1850- making it America’s oldest registered city.

The city of Sacramento is known by many names. One of the most common, City of Trees, refers to the settlers during The Gold Rush who arrived looking for a place to grow their crops and settled in Sacramento. To handle the Valley heat these settlers planted trees which flourished in this climate and now cover nearly one quarter of Sacramento’s landscape.


Sacramento has a total area of 992 square miles, of which 972 square miles are land and 2 square miles are water. With a population of 525,398 in 2020, Sacramento is the 6th largest city in California and the 36th largest city in the United States. The city is currently growing at a rate of 1.13% annually, and its population increased by 12.63% since the 2010 census, which recorded a population of 466,488.

Sacramento has a Mediterranean climate that is characterized by mild winters and dry summers with periods of fog. The city is generally flat but rises in the east to what is known as the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountain range.

Sacramento has two rivers, the Sacramento River and the American River. It is a cultural and economic center of its metropolitan area. The city also has California State Railroad Museum that houses 21 restored locomotives in it. A vibrant midtown area can be found in Sacramento with many great restaurants to enjoy as well as being home to one of USA’s top airports that handles both domestic flights within United States and international arrivals from around the world.

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