Sacramento Power Shutoffs: Facilities Must Prepare Now for Fire Season

Sacramento power shutoffs

Last summer we all experienced a record heat wave of triple digit temperatures which forced periodic power shutoffs to users across California. Moving forward, we should expect a similar assault in 2021. An effective plan must account for soaring temperatures, wildfires, and outages initiated by utilities like SMUD and PG&E, with only a few days’ notice.

This year the threat to Sacramento organizations packs extra punch. Not only are hot weather and wildfires on the horizon, the Covid-19 economic recovery could also amp up pressure on the power grid.

As corporations chart the terrain out of Covid-19, a dynamic shift seems to be taking place in the way business is conducted. Companies have come to realize that working remotely has advantages. The headline of a March 29 New York Times article about the city’s empty office buildings says it all: “Remote Work is Here to Stay.”

There will be no rush to re-fill empty buildings, particularly in the posh real estate of Silicon Valley and the Bay area. In Sacramento County that could mean a population bump fueled by workers moving eastward or companies staffing remote satellite offices. Home sales are projected to grow 17.2% in 2021.

The potential rise in population brings with it additional strain on power distribution networks, risking outages for businesses and organizations we serve from our Sacramento office.

How CD& Power can help prepare Sacramento organizations for power failures

As Northern California’s leading independent, generator maintenance company, we bring over 35 years of on-the-ground experience in maintaining generators and supplying temporary power. Our CD & Power Sacramento branch manager, Matthew Woods, and his team can help you plan and execute a strategy to keep your organization running during a power breakdown.

  • Inspection – we are equipped to provide an inspection and assessment of your backup power system to ensure readiness. That includes checking to make sure your generators comply with local and state regulations.
  • Maintenance – our technicians are truly some of the best in the Western U.S. Whatever the brand or configuration, we’ve likely seen it before and are well-equipped to keep it in top running order.
  • Sales & Installation – if needed, we will specify, source and coordinate the installation of a stationary backup generator.
  • Rental – if a power shutoff event requires a portable generator rental, we can implement a plan that gets it done, on time.

Give us a call at 916-564-2622 to see what CD& Power can do to get your organization ready for the summer of 2021.

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