Why You Need to Schedule Your Generator Maintenance As Soon As Possible

generator maintenance mistakes | Why You Need to Schedule Your Generator Maintenance As Soon As Possible

Why You Need to Schedule Your Generator Maintenance As Soon As Possible

“Parts on backorder with no delivery date given.” That’s the message we’re getting frequently from our suppliers. Whether our order is for a whole generator or hoses and other routine replacement parts, supply chain issues persist.

Meanwhile, your generator is a critical piece of equipment that provides essential business continuity through a power outage. Keeping it in top condition is a must. 

Even if you schedule your generator maintenance routinely, don’t get lulled into thinking this article doesn’t apply to you. Without planning for extra time for replacement parts, you run the risk of failure and downtime. 

What is Regular Generator Maintenance?

Regular maintenance is the process of inspecting your generator and making sure everything is in good working order. Generators are complicated pieces of equipment that include many moving parts. That’s why it’s important to have routine inspections done on your generator. Maintenance can start the process of repairing and replacing parts that have been worn down from regular use. If you don’t replace these worn parts, you risk causing more severe issues for your generator.

Why You Need to Schedule Your Generator Maintenance

You must schedule your generator maintenance consistently. As stated above, we now recommend arranging your maintenance service as far in advance as possible – at least several months – to allow time for necessary parts to be ordered and arrive.

Getting your inspection and maintenance service on the books will give you peace of mind that everything will work if the power goes out and you need to rely on your generator.

Your generator can fail without warning. So if you don’t maintain your equipment, you might not know there are problems until your business suffers a devastating power outage. When owners neglect their generators, they run a major risk of the unit failing at any time. 


It’s important to keep your generator up to date and performing at its best. Schedule your regular maintenance with a qualified technician from CD Power from the start, and you’ll be on your way to a long life of dependable, uninterrupted power.


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