Solar Generator for Drive-Thru Virus Testing

Solar Generator for Drive-Thru Virus Testing

Like so many other businesses in our area, we are eager to support our customers, employees, and community at large as much as possible during this crisis.

Our creative equipment supplier gave us an idea recently that we’re eager to make a reality. As drive-thru virus testing tents are set up, they will need power.

The portable solar generators we just announced last month are the perfect fit for this type of use.

If you are involved in setting up a COVID-19 testing station, or can pass along this information to people that may be involved, please contact us.

A clean, quiet, pollution-free, solar generator will provide improved working conditions for healthcare workers and a better experience for patients.

Depending upon details that vary site to site, our plan is to make these units available at low cost in support of rapid deployment of testing stations. If you have connections or insights that would be helpful, please contact us.

Thank you, in advance, for your help.

Lisa Carter
General Manager
(925) 229-2700

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