The Pitfalls of Proprietary Generator System Software

Software plays an ever increasing role in our daily existence. We have travelled far beyond that fifth dimension, foreseen in The Twilight Zone back in the sixties. Driving into an automotive service station with an engine problem, what is the first thing a technician will do? They will plug the engine into a computer, because […]

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CDPower Owners

CD & Power: a Bay Area Top Woman-Owned Company

  You might expect to find a large number of women-owned businesses in the Bay Area. The San Francisco Business Times reports there are over 192,000 of them. What you might not expect to find is the Bay Area’s largest independent player in the industrial generator service industry among them. In the Business Times annual […]

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Meet Jeff Zimmerman – Central Valley Generator Technician

Many of our clients like to get to know the people they talk with on the phone or who travel to their site to service their generators. We wanted to make that a little easier for our generator service customers in Central Valley California towns like Modesto, Stockton, and Fresno. Meet Jeff Zimmerman. Jeff was […]

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Tier 0 Engines in California Must Be Completely Retired

It’s not new news, but it is important. As outlined in the California Air Resources Board Airborne Toxic Control Measure (ATCM), portable tier 0 diesel engines rated at 50 bhp or greater were to be completely removed from service as of January 1st 2017. We’ve all known this was coming as it’s already been over […]

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5 Reasons Emergency Preparedness is More Important Than Ever

Many companies are unprepared for business disruptions caused by power blackouts and are often unaware of the potential costs and impact on their operations. While the majority of power failures from national grids last only a few hours, some blackouts can last days or even weeks, completely shutting down production at companies and critical infrastructures […]

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CD & Power and Gillette Generators

When You Put the Name Mercy on the Front of Your Building It’s Nice to Know CD & Power and Gillette Generators Have Your Back. Often in our experience customers become friends and our transactions with them become stories. This is a recent story with a happy ending for all the parties involved. Since 1872 […]

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Thoughts to ponder about Generator Replacement

Determining the right time to replace a generator can be a daunting task. A standby generator is one of those pieces of a business that feels useless. Kind of like a Contingency Plan. Until of course the power is out and it is the lifeline to keeping your business functioning or providing critical life safety […]

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Out with the Old – In with a New Kohler Generator

A beautiful Northern California hotel was the site of CD & Power’s most recent generator replacement project.  An obsolete 10kw generator circa 1980 was replaced with a brand new compliant 2015 Tier 4 25kw Kohler generator in an efficient two-day operation. A three-man team disassembled the old gen end and the engine put the generator […]

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