In an Emergency, Timing is Everything

When power is disrupted, how prepared are you?

The power grid can be interrupted by major or minor occurrences, such as

  • The weather
  • Human interference, i.e. construction mishap
  • Equipment malfunctions or age-related failures
  • Acts of terrorism

If the power is out for long, delayed response can be very costly. With our experience in the power industry, here are some of the reasons businesses find themselves without adequate power for a substantial amount of time.

  1. Lack of knowledge
    Do you understand how your current system will respond in the event of a power failure?
    Do you know what your load requirements are or how to calculate them?
  2. Lack of planning
    Have you considered where the rental generator should be located for the most timely repair or most cost effective operation of your facility?
  3.  Inadequate information on power suppliers in your area
  4. No established credit or history with these types of suppliers
  5. Inadequate maintenance
    If you have a generator, has it been maintained? Are you sure it will work in an emergency?
    Do you have a source for additional fuel in case of a prolonged outage?
  6.  Lack of training
    Do you know how to operate the generator?
    Are you checking for suitable performance?

The good news is that you have time to resolve these issues if you act now, before the power goes out.  Companies with a comprehensive plan in place for emergency power will have a smooth transition in the event of a major calamity or extensive power outage.  Standby power is good, but if you need full contingency power you should take the time, NOW, to make a plan.

Down load the emergency SITE SURVEY FORM here.  Work with a reliable emergency power supplier and put your plan in place before the next power failure.

CD & Power is Northern California’s largest independent generator service company. With more than 20 fully equipped generator technicians, CD & Power services, maintains and repairs all makes and all models of generators, automatic transfer switches, and industrial diesel equipment. The rental generator fleet of 100 trailer-mounted CARB-compliant generators ranges in size from 10 kw to 1 megawatt. The company offers 24/7 emergency service and on site fueling delivered to you when you need it.

California State Contractor’s License #757462 A, C-10.

For more information or help with contingency planning, contact the local office of CD & Power.

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