Towable Solar Power for Construction Trailers

towable solar power

There’s a new sibling to towable diesel power generation available – towable solar power generators. If you’ve been wondering which to rent for your construction site, we take a hard look into the pros and cons of both in this post.

When you have work to do at a construction site before utility power is connected, you need dependable power. While solar-powered generators don’t come in the wide range of capacities that diesel generators offer, they may both serve valuable purposes at your site.

How do solar-powered generators fit in?

The towable solar generators we offer for rent range in capacity up to 16 kWh per day with a max current of 133 amps. While this won’t be enough to handle lots of power tools, it will likely be enough to address your site’s trailer with power a demand consisting of lights, a few computers, and other conveniences like a coffee pot and refrigerator.

Before you decide, let’s look at the pros and cons across the most important factors.

Work Environment

By opting for a towable solar generator – a quiet, green, fume-free power source – for your construction site trailer, you enhance the work environment in and around it. Moreover, you communicate to your clients and neighbors that your business is at the forefront of technology and that you care about their health and well-being.

Even when equipped with a small, supplemental gas generator, solar generators are super quiet. Quiet, clean, and nearly maintenance free – there is a lot to like about selecting a towable solar generator for powering your construction site trailer.

Power Requirement

If you’re just powering your construction site trailer consisting of lights, a few computers, and other conveniences like a coffee pot and refrigerator, a towable diesel generator may be more than you need – that’s when our towable solar generators may be just right. Nevertheless, you should be sure to calculate the expected load and work with the generator rental company to be sure a solar generator will be sufficient.

Worried about not having enough power on cloudy days? Our solar generator trailers come equipped with deep cycle batteries that store power when the sun is out and usage is light, then serve it up at night, when it’s cloudy, or there is a spike in demand.


Because they have little to no moving parts, solar generators are extremely durable. Quality solar panels are known to operate well in extreme conditions and last for decades.

Top brand diesel generators are very durable also, but need wear-prone parts replaced from time to time and are, of course, subject to air quality restrictions.


For the same reason mentioned above – no moving parts – towable solar generators require little maintenance. Diesel generators, on the other hand, require consistent fueling, care, and maintenance – something to consider in your selection.


For an apples-to-apples comparison, you should consider not only the rental fee but the total cost of running and maintaining the generator. Fuel costs, direct maintenance costs, and the expense of having someone on your staff keep track of the generator’s fueling and maintenance needs, should all be estimated.

Want to make a statement to neighbors and customers?

Using renewable energy source to power your construction site trailer sends a message that you care about the environment and the well being of the neighborhood, clients, and employees. Did we mention portable Solar Powered generators super quiet, even when equipped with a small, supplemental gas generator?

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