Truck Fleet Maintenance Best Practices



Fleet Maintenance Racks up Safe Driving Miles and Saves Money, Too.

Issues uncovered in the garage prevent disasters out on the road. We see it all the time: that clogged filter or rusted connector that a careful check-up would have spotted sidelines your truck for big ticket repairs. Don’t forget to add towing and a replacement rental to the cost.

Keep to a Schedule of Regular Preventive Maintenance

For a busy fleet, it is never convenient to keep a truck off the road for maintenance, but at least you get to decide when. If your truck decides when, it might wind up on the side of a six lane freeway.

The CD & Power Pit Crew is Equipped to Handle Routine Maintenance as Well as Comprehensive Repairs.

If you’ve had your trucks for awhile, you have probably exceeded their warranty, so scheduling maintenance with the truck dealer may not make economic sense. We can handle your service needs in-shop, or if you operate within reasonable distance from our Martinez location, we can complete the job at your site. We’ll show up after breakfast and have a three-axle truck fully serviced by lunch time.

In our truck repair operation we fix all heavy duty diesel engines and our trained, certified technicians are expert in everything from replacing a pump or transmission to getting that routine maintenance done on time.

To Be Truly Preventive, Maintenance Involves More Than an Oil Change and a New Filter.

A preventive maintenance check list should be exhaustive to completely diagnosis any issues with your truck. Whoever services your truck should inspect tires, fluid levels, belts, hoses, and connections to ensure that the truck you send out every day is safe. A catastrophic accident on the road can wipe out whatever efficiencies you have built into your fleet management.

To comply with emission standards, newer truck engines have become more complex. Fuel systems, in particular have grown more temperamental. Our repair crew stays current with federal and state air quality regulations and our mechanics are certified to conduct testing mandated by the state of California.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you implement a preventive maintenance program for your fleet.

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