CD & Power Expands Backup System Services to Include UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) Battery Maintenance

Battery Maintenance

Recognizing how dependent organizations are on battery power for essential operations like computers and healthcare equipment, CD & Power announced today a new service to ensure uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system health. The offering includes a potent combination of new technologies and rigorous testing protocols to identify and resolve potential issues before they happen.

Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) maintenance ensures that battery backup equipment functions when the power goes out. CD & Power’s maintenance procedures include measuring battery voltage, inspecting system components, performing infrared thermography to detect hot spots and, when needed, monitoring performance around the clock.

Commenting on the cataclysms that define the year 2020, Jill Collaro, President said, “If last year has taught us anything it is this: we have no control over events, we do control our readiness to power through them.”

Whether it comes from a stationary generator sitting in wait on the roof of a hospital or an essential UPS on-call for a computer center, backup power must kick in the instant power fails. Organizations need to trust that any inspection, maintenance, and repair work has been done properly and thoroughly. As pioneers in offering comprehensive backup system maintenance spanning both generators and UPS systems, CD & Power gives organizations a single source of support.

“Here’s the thing about back up power,” said Lisa Carter, General Manager, “it sits inactive practically 24/7. Do not be fooled by its silence. It requires the frequent care and attention. Our customers like that they can make one call to us in order to ensure the health of their whole backup system.”

These new UPS maintenance services are available from CD & Power now.

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