Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Maintenance

We are in the business of ensuring that you get the power you need to run your operations when you need it. The battery backup equipment that you rely upon to keep your essential systems, like computers, running during an outage are not foolproof. One bad battery or connection can result in a complete system failure, resulting in thousands of dollars of damage, safety risks, and lost productivity.

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UPS Maintenance

UPS Maintenance

UPS Preventative Maintenance Service

Knowledge is power 😉  The key to understanding how well your Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system will perform in the event of an outage is to evaluate the health of each component regularly. Our rigorous process:

  • Evaluate power flow: our technician will use a power quality meter to take readings of input voltage, output voltage, current, harmonics, and power.
  • Visually inspect system components: we’ll inspect and clean or replace air filters, examine the entire system including subassemblies, capacitors, wiring harnesses, cables and other components and verify that environmental conditions meet manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Perform Infrared (IR) Thermography scans: by scanning power components to detect hotspots, our technician will be able to identify potential areas of concern without shutting down your systems and before a problem arises.
  • Provide detailed reports: we record all data collected and IR images, then interpret the results and save all the information for comparison across quarterly, semi-annual or annual studies.
  • Monitor continuously when needed: for situations where around-the-clock monitoring is necessary, our team will set up and configure a 24/7 real-time monitoring solution to sense fluctuations in power and up to 3,000 parameters. Staff can be alerted to issues by email, SMS, or SNMP.


Based upon the results of our analysis, we will help you determine if any equipment needs to be repaired or replaced. Ready to give your UPS system a health check? Contact Us to get started.

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