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At the most basic level, engine and generator life-cycle maintenance is a process that involves inspecting, maintaining, and replacing various components before they are at risk of failure. However, there’s more to it than that. In this blog post, we’ll cover how to keep your equipment running smoothly—and why it’s worth your time. Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re planning on getting a Volvo Penta engine or generator serviced.

Volvo Penta Engine Use and Product Line

Volvo Penta offers off-road solutions and engines that are perfect for several industries. They are built on a common platform that is adaptable, scalable, and has power output options. Their low weight, fuel consumption rates, power outputs, and optional equipment packages make them ideal for machines in numerous industries, including agriculture, construction, forestry, and mining, to name a few. 

Volvo Penta is a name you can trust for durable and reliable industrial engines. They are constructed with efficiency in mind, making them unmatched at load acceptance and easy to install. They are fuel-efficient as well.

Volvo Penta Engine Servicing

CD & Power technicians like working on Volvo Penta engines because they are well-built and meet CA emissions standards. In fact, we are the only authorized sales and service dealer for Volvo Penta power generation and engines for off-road equipment in all of Northern California. We have multiple Volvo-Penta certified technicians on staff ready to help you. 

We know Volvo Penta engines must be well-maintained given their demanding jobs and the need to rely upon them in remote situations or round-the-clock operation. Regular maintenance on this equipment saves time and expenses.

Why is it Important to Work with an Authorized Sales & Service Company like CD & Power?

For one, these engines are very high-tech, so specific training and experience are necessary. Second, our technicians have the tools to service the engines, including specialized software. Third, working with an authorized service company like CD & Power helps you maintain your warranty status.

Finally, our company focuses on engine and generator maintenance. Our trucks are well-equipped, and our parts specialists work diligently to source critical parts so we can keep your Volvo Penta engine in top shape. We perform preventative maintenance and repair services on just about every brand, and we are also available 24/7/365 for emergency repair services.

What does my Volvo Penta engine or generator service include? 

A Volvo Penta engine or generator service includes a complete inspection of the engine, fuel system, and internal components. This service also includes checking for wear, corrosion, leaks, and any other problems that may be affecting the performance of your engine or generator. The technician will also check the air filters and oil levels and fill them correctly. At the end of your service, you’ll receive a comprehensive checklist with everything that was done during your appointment. 

How Do I Schedule an Appointment for My Engine or Generator Service?

To set up an appointment for your Volvo Penta engine or generator service, call CD & Power at 1-866-468-7697.

Footnote: We do not work on marine / boat engines and when it comes to off-road equipment, we service the engine, not the whole vehicle. 


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