What We Are All About

California Diesel & Power was started in June of 1985 by Chuck Uischner aka “The Big Tall Bald Guy.” He would fix equipment during the day and do the bookwork at night. We have come a long way since 1985, with an expanded business in two locations, Martinez and Sacramento, and have surrounded the business with motivated and talented people. This is a family run operation that goes back three generations, but we consider each employee valued as a family member here at CD & Power. We encourage and motivate each other to do our best every day. CD & Power currently employs 33 people with field and shop service, sales and rental capabilities. For over 25 years we have provided comfort to our customers, while proving to be constantly Powered By Integrity. We strive to be the best we can be with the confidence that Chuck has instilled in all of us.

CD & Power enjoys going above and beyond with our relationships with our employees and our customers by maintaining company morale. We believed that this would best be accomplished by feeding the spirit of our employees. So we embarked on “The Journey”. This consisted of weekly meetings where we shared stories from different sources that were enlightening, refreshing and sometimes inward looking. The meetings end with a circle-up for prayer if they so choose. All employees are invited and welcome. “The Journey” has been a huge success and is always encouraging us to be a “better you” at work and at home. We recognize that we never arrive at any destination without first embarking on a journey. We would like to share our Journey topics with you as well, so stay tuned……we end every meeting with a group “hands in” RIPPLE and off we go!

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