CD & Power Expands Sales and Customer Service Team

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Sales and Customer Service Team

Service team from left to right, Ron Schrader, Mike Bynum, Mike Sartorio, Jim Vaughan, and Michael Stokes

We are thrilled to introduce you to our expanded sales and service team. The challenges of recent years — wildfires, power outages, and COVID — taught us that we are in every sense an “essential business.” Recognizing the responsibility we carry, over the past year we’ve ramped up our capacity to respond quickly to customer needs.

Because several new team members are in place, we wanted to take the opportunity to introduce them and share how they will be collaborating to assist you.

What’s New

  • Increased the size of our team so we can respond even more quickly and thoroughly
  • Brought in professionals with customer service experience, then partnered them with tenured staff

How We’re Putting New Resources to Work for You

  • Training technicians and service writers to work in tandem to be in sync about your service needs
  • Maintaining a focus on solving problems the most economical way, not maximizing sales
  • Expanding our capabilities to include UPS battery maintenance and portable solar generator rental so you can get more from your relationship with us

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Sales  team from left to right, Alex Grijalva, James Kim, Mike Sartorio

Service Writer – Jim Vaughan
Jim joined CD & Power just a few months ago, but brings a wealth of experience in creating long lasting relationships with business customers. He enjoys the fact that the work we do truly helps organizations prepare for emergencies and support their operations. He wants you to know that the more we understand about your needs and timelines, the better we will be able to assist.

Service Team Writer – Mike Bynum
Mike joined our team in April of this year (see, we told you we are really investing in customer care!). His experience in helping customers runs deep. As a former pharmacy technician, he understands the importance of getting things right every time. Mike has been impressed with how much time his coworkers are willing to help him up to speed, ultimately benefiting the customer. Mike’s not easily rattled, so is a perfect fit for helping organizations plan for, or deal with, emergency situations.

Project Coordinator – Alex Grijalva
Having previously worked in the automotive service industry for almost 10 years, Alex was able to parlay his customer and technical service skills into his role at CD & Power. Since his start in 2018, he has been working to understand customer needs and recommend the right CD & Power services. Alex particularly likes that his work exposes him to many industries and a wide variety of businesses.

Senior Engineer – James Kim
James is another team member with several years at CD & Power under his belt. Adding James, and his 30+ years of project engineering experience, to the team in 2017 brought our ability to assist customers to a new level. He enjoys the variety and freedom to explore unique solutions for customers and wants you to know that we can act as a single source for consulting, system design, installation and test.

Assistant Service Team Manager & Business Development Manager – Mike Sartorio
Mike joined CD & Power in 2020 to lead our sales efforts and was a natural to also be involved in customer care. As a veteran foreman and lead skills trainer, Mike appreciates the value of refining our team’s expertise so we can deliver on our promises. He enjoys the contagious positive energy at CD & Power and the fact that we have the ability to tailor a solution to each customer.

Assistant Service Team Manager – Michael Stokes
Michael is new to CD & Power, having joined the company just a few months ago. Nevertheless, he feels part of a crew that is focused on customer needs – “one dream, one team” he likes to say. His experience of working as a Technical Operations Manager at Chevron means he understands how many of our larger customers operate. Michael likes to keep things light around the office, but is stoked 😉 by the level of collaboration he sees between technicians and administrative staff.

Sacramento Branch Manager – Matthew Woods (not pictured)
Before starting with CD in 2015, Matthew managed sales and operations teams in the home construction industry. After several years as a service writer for us, Matthew took over as the branch manager of our Sacramento office, where a primary responsibility is taking care of customers. As one of the CD & Power veterans of our sales and service team, Matthew helps carry forward our commitment to making sure customer needs are always met.

Service Team Manager – Ron Schrader
Ron has been with CD & Power for over 10 years. Prior to joining us, he supervised delivery teams at UPS. Having already assisted us in enhancing our approach to scheduling our technicians, he is now helping our newest team members come up to speed on our customers and how we can best support them. Ron loves to see the satisfaction in our employee’s eyes when they’ve just provided ReMarkable service to a customer.

Additional customer support contacts:

Generator Rental: Jerry Marion
Truck Fleet Maintenance: Rob Nanney
RV Generator Maintenance: Michelle Worley

Even though we’ve scaled up our service team, rest assured that we’re still the small business you’ve known all along. When you call our office, you’ll be taken care of. Now we just have several more enthusiastic people here ready to help!

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