After every meeting we “ripple.”

You maybe wonder what a “ripple” is and what it means to us here, at CD & Power.

If you were to throw a pebble in to a pond, you notice that the pond does not stand still. It will ripple from the point where the pebble hits the water. It will ripple until it hits the edge of the shore where it can ripple no more.

Now imagine that pebble is a positive influence in a person or in our case a co-worker, and that pond is our Company, and every ripple is another co-worker being affected by that first pebble and continuing the ripple effect as it travels along. Our role model for the Ripple was our dear friend Bob Ojala who passed away in 2010. He made a positive ripple in a room of people and in the lives he touched. At the end of every year we honor the person who conveys the Ripple effect the most that year with the Ripple Award, to continue Bob Ojala’s legacy.

“We gather at the end of every meeting with a huddle of out stretched hands towards the center and shout “RIPPLE”. This ends our connection on a positive note and continues a positive ripple effect that can be carried to our customers.”
–Jill Collaro (President)

“It is the Spirit of Bob Ojala, it leaves everyone with a positive vibe, and it’s a wonderful way to dedicate to our friend Bob.”
–Don Uischner (Vice President)

“When we ripple, we are honoring a great friend and former employee of CD& Power. Bob Ojala helped to form our company’s “presence”. He was a big bear of a man and when he walked into a room, it felt like the room rippled. His “presence” entered before he did. He always had a positive word and it seemed like he knew everyone and everyone knew him. Your success, professionally and personally were of great importance to him. “
–Lisa Carter (General Manager)

“The Ripple brings the company together, together as one.”
–Rusty Chester (technician)


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